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  • Everything You Need To Avoid Mosquitoes in Top Winter Destinations

    When defrosting the car or checking the snow forecast before work, grabbing a coffee and slipping on ice - don’t you start dreaming of sipping a cocktail on a beach, instead?

    You do? You’re not alone. This winter, 22.3 million Brits plan to leave the UK, blaming the cold weather and early darkness! (1) 

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  • Are mosquitoes beating us in the fight against malaria?

    mosquito on human skin at sunset

    A new report has been released by the WHO to provide an update on the global malaria crisis and success of efforts to eradicate the disease.

    Sadly, though as predicted - the [...]

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  • Around the world with incognito: The Mongol Rally

    We don't usually post reviews on our blog, but we also don't usually hear from daredevils like India and Ester who had decided to sign up for the infamous "Mongol Rally" - a 10,000 mile journey through mountains, deserts, and steppe of Europe and Asia in what is best described as 'an old banger' with no rules, and no back-up - all in the aid of charity! Well, we were impressed [...]

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  • Travel, enjoy, respect - partnering with the Travel Foundation charity

    Sailing the spectacular Turkish coastline, sunbathing on one of Jamaica’s tropical beaches, diving the depths of submerged caves in the Yucatan Peninsula - the opportunities to explore this planet are diverse and truly incredible. But let’s not forget that these treasured and pristine natural places, tend to be some of the most fragile and sensitive to the impacts of tourism. If we don’t [...]

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  • Tick Tock goes the Lyme Disease Clock... It's time to know the facts

    You might consider a tick bite more a mild annoyance than anything life changing, however with 17% of ticks in the UK now thought to be carrying Lyme Disease, we’ve written this blog to help you brush up on the facts, on what to look for and how to avoid catching it!

  • Plastic made from sugarcane? How we're reducing our environmental footprint

    Did you know millions of tonnes of plastic ends up in the ocean every year? The situation has got so bad that unless something changes we are on course to have more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050! This would mean even more damage to marine wildlife [...]

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  • Danger! We are living in a pesticidal world

    Pesticides surround us – they are used on everything from our food to our skin. However, how much do you know about the possible dangers they carry for our bodies and our ecosystems?

    Pesticides are defined as anything that kills an organism. Widespread usage of these chemicals in farming has heavily disrupted ecosystems, especially as un-targeted species are inadvertently affected. [...]

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  • Summertime!


    We are now enjoying the beauty of Spring and, with summer just around the corner, some welcome warmer weather that has brought a kaleidoscope of colour as plants and trees flower and blossom. Yellow daffodils, brilliant bluebells and vibrant lilac crocuses are in full bloom bringing with them (we hope) blue skies and perhaps a little less to complain about.

    With the change [...]

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  • Can you stop the scratch with a patch? Mosquito patches revisited.

    The word ‘patch’ has a plethora of meanings. For example, a man with a bald patch and neatly patched jeans could be caring for his vegetable patch whilst going through a bad patch!

    Though here at incognito we are only concerned about insect repellent patches. There are essentially 2 types: spatial or ambient (the same as most wristbands.) [...]

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  • Where do insects like bees go in the winter?!

    In the words of Eddard Stark “Winter is coming” … Or in reality, winter has already come!Snow scene

    That reality is clear as following a hard days work we trudge home in the near darkness [...]

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