Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much incognito do I need?

On average, the following amounts apply when using incognito® products*

-               One 100 ml bottle of incognito® anti-mosquito spray lasts one adult approximately one week when there are many mosquitoes and or other insects around. Or in tropical/ high risk conditions

-               One loofah soap lasts from 1- 3 months depending on use

-               One citronella soap bar lasts at least 2 months.

-               One bottle of moisturiser lasts 4 weeks (depending on use)

-               One bottle of hair and body wash lasts 4 weeks (depending on use).

-               Room refreshers last 3 weeks of continuous use.

-               Each incense stick takes approximately 1-2 hours to burn depending on ambient temperature

-               The Zap ease lasts for approximately 1,000 bites.

-               For all other incognito® products, the amount of time they last, depends on usage.  Contact us ( for more information. 

*All estimates are with frequent use.

NB The spray will last longer when used in combination with other incognito® products. For more information on how to apply products - visit the How to use incognito® section of our website. 

2. Should you use incognito® during the day?

This depends on the destination. There are both daytime and night time biting mosquitoes. For example, mosquitoes which carry insect-borne diseases such as Dengue, Yellow Fever, Chikungunya and Zika bite during the day, whereas Malaria carrying mosquito-vectors bite between dusk and dawn. It is important to consider where you are going in the world, and what kinds of mosquitoes are likely to be in those areas. We recommend protecting yourself day and night. Please check Government travel advice before travelling to any high risk area.

3. How frequently do I apply incognito?

The frequency of re-application varies between individuals, and is closely linked to your body chemistry. On average, the incognito® spray and roll-on last for up to 5 hours however there are a variety of variables which can affect this. If you know you are always an attractive meal for mosquitoes, apply more regularly, and use a greater variety of the incognito® range. incognito® products have the strongest level of protection once applied, the efficacy diminishes over time so keep an eye on your body and listen for buzzing mosquitoes and insects. Reapply as frequently as necessary to ensure continuous protection. We highly recommend you re-apply at a minimum every 4-5 hours. Also avoid using scented products such as perfumes, aftershave, strong deodorants etc as many toiletries can contain attractants to insects. Stick to unscented products wherever possible. Always apply before going outdoors and reapply after swimming, washing, or if you are sweating a lot. incognito® spray can also be applied to clothing to maximize efficacy.

4. How long does the insect repellent last?

The incognito® insect repellent has a shelf life of at least 2 years and is effective for up to 24 months once opened. 

5. Is incognito® safe for pregnant women?

It is important to note that there have been no tests carried out on any insect repellent products (to the best of our knowledge) for pregnant women due to the unethical nature of such research. What we can say however, is that many women have used incognito® while pregnant with no known adverse reactions or side effects. In fact, the Director of incognito® has herself used it successfully through two pregnancies. incognito® products are derived from natural ingredients and use as few chemically synthesised ingredients as possible, and the use of the active ingredient PMD which is the main active ingredient in our insect repellent spray and roll-on has been recommended by Public Health England and the CDC. When pregnant, women often become more attractive to insects for reasons such as a slightly higher body temperature, a greater body surface area, and a higher release of carbon dioxide. With this in mind, we suggest that you take extra precautions to avoid insect bites while pregnant; using the incognito® soap or shower gel, exfoliating with our loofah, and using our moisturiser in addition to the incognito® insect repellent spray/roll-on. incognito® spray can also be applied to clothing for enhanced protection. We recommend doing a patch test on the inside of your wrist before using the products as during pregnancy women can become more sensitive. If there is no reaction, it usually means that our product is safe for the wearer to use! If you have any concerns, health issues, allergies or anything else that may be relevant please consult with your GP or Health Practitioner prior to use.

6. Is incognito® safe for children?

incognito® products are derived from natural ingredients wherever possible. Many people use incognito® repellent for babies (older than 3 months) and young children because very little of the active ingredient is absorbed through the skin. As children's skin is highly sensitive, please ensure to do a patch test on a small area of skin like the back of the wrist before making a full application. If any rash or irritation occurs, cease use immediately.  

incognito® spray can also be applied to their clothes, cot, prams, and other surrounding areas to complement or replace topical application. The Zap-ease bite relief is a medical device and not suitable for children under 2 years old. If you have concerns about using our product on your child or your child suffers from health issues, allergies or anything else that may be relevant please consult with your GP or Health Practitioner prior to use.

7. Is incognito safe to use on pets?

It is fine to use incognito® products on pets: horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, llamas, etc. to ward off mosquitoes, bugs and ticks. Thousands of people already do so. Use sensibly and of course avoid contact with eyes and any other sensitive areas or broken skin. Consult your vet if you have specific concerns prior to use. The Zap-ease bite relief is a medical device and not suitable for pets. 

8. Where do I apply the discount code?

Fill your cart with all the products you would like to order In the top right hand corner of the screen, click ‘My Cart’ Then click ‘View Cart’ On the bottom left hand corner, there is a ‘Discount Codes’ section- add your code in there! If you skip ‘view’ cart and go straight to ‘checkout’ you will not be able to enter your discount code. 

9. Why do mosquitoes bite us?

Blood is a requirement for their egg reproduction. They can only synthesize a particular protein from human blood. This is why only female mozzies bite us.

10. Is incognito® organic?

incognito® is not organically certified however some of its ingredients are organically certified, we use as many ingredients as possible that come from natural sources and use as few chemically synthesized ingredients as possible.

11. How big is each bottle of spray?

Each bottle contains a generous 100ml and is approximately 15.5cm high and 4cm in diameter. Incognito® spray and roll-on are both acceptable sizing for hand luggage on an airplane.

12. Why is the bottle black?

incognito® uses a very stylish yet functional black bottle. Not only is it recyclable, but it's opacity prevents UV light from breaking down the potent molecules inside, thus extending the life of the repellent.

13. Do you trade fairly?

Yes, we trade fairly with everyone. We work closely with our suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers to develop strong and long lasting relationships. We visit the sites of those we work with regularly and this helps us to ensure that the working conditions of all we work with are good and fair. We strictly prohibit exploitation or harassment of any kind. We pay fair prices, and encourage and reward environmental practices. We are committed to working in a sprit of cooperation. Please see our ethical policy for more information

14. Why use an impregnated mosquito net?

If a mosquito net is not impregnated with a contact insecticide, mosquitoes can land on it and penetrate it with their proboscis. In areas with high risk of malaria (tropical Africa, the Amazon, parts of south-east Asia) this is even more of a risk. The WHO recommends the use of a long lasting impregnated mosquito net for those areas. The contact insecticide used on our mosquito nets kills flies and other pests, but is harmless to humans. This means the net provides extra safety during a good nights sleep.

15. What is Durallin impregnation?

Our mosquito nets are impregnated with long lasting Durallin technology that applies the insecticide to the material of nets. Durallin can be used without risks for humans but it's deadly for insects and other arthropods. The technology makes use of minimum impregnation. Mosquito nets impregnated with Durallin contain minimum quantities of Solvento. In this respect, Durallin combines effectiveness and durability. Durallin Impregnated mosquito nets remain effective for 3 years (indoors) to 1 year (outdoors) the impregnation can withstand at least 20 washes (max 30°C Chlorine free detergent). Store the net in cover in order to ensure maximum effectiveness