an interview with Knowledge Peers

Posted in Blog on 6th March 2018

Howard Carter, Founder & CEO of incognito was recently interviewed by Knowledge Peers UK about ‘Successfully distributing your products Abroad’.

In the video Howard talks about the benefits of using government services like UKTI’s Overseas Market Introduction Service to gain contacts and to take your operations abroad – (see the tab ‘incognito in the US’ on the video)

Initially dependant on direct contacts, cold calling and 100% payment in advance from their distributors; changes in banking terms and the up-take of insurance have aided their movement into riskier international markets.

View the link here 

Howard goes on to discuss the spectrum of regulatory environments faced in setting out to distribute their product internationally. Though high-profile expeditions have helped them to market their product internationally some countries like India remain inaccessible through normal distribution channels.   Still Howard points out that services such as the Overseas Market Introduction Service of the UKTI can help to identify alternative routes into international markets.

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about Knowledge Peers:

Knowledge Peers is an on, and off-line service for forward thinking leaders to explore emerging ideas and challenges. We facilitate peer to peer learning between directors of businesses and charities via video-based Case Studies, topical events and specialised research.

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