incognito @ Waitrose

Posted in Blog on 6th March 2018

We had wanted to get incognito on the shelves of Waitrose for sometime as incognito is an ethical insect repellent and they are an ethical supermarket. However, wanting and getting are two very different things. We are fortunate enough to have Clarence House as a supporter of our natural mosquito repellent range and thus, we were invited to exhibit at Prince Charles London home in the Start event last year.  Waitrose were also exhibiting, and their Ethical Officer, Quinton, passed by our stand & left, someone told Luke Hampton, our coordinator at the time, that a guy from Waitrose had just visited and quick-witted Luke ran after him until he found him! They exchanged a few words & that was that. However, this year Quinton became instrumental on getting us on the shelves of Waitrose. If it hadn’t have been for cool-hand Luke, its unlikely this would’ve happened this year! incognito has been very fortunate in attracting diligent employees who go the extra mile!

We decided pretty early on that Waitrose was the only supermarket in the UK that we wanted to be in this year so we are delighted to be stocked there. Not surprisingly the Duchy of Cornwall Nursery are also stocking incognito mosquito repellent products so that gardeners can avoid mosquito bites.  The duchy have our organic Java citronella incense sticks which burn for around an hour and completely clear the area of bugs whilst they burn. They smell nice too and can also be used in sheds or other indoor spaces.

Do let us know if you would like incognito in any other ethical outlets?

We are in over 100 Waitrose stores and will be demoing in selected larger Waitrose during the Summer.

You can find your nearest incognito stockist here.

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