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ukti exporting for growth
Sir Eric Peacock, Parveen Thornhill, Howard Carter & Lord Green

There is a perception amongst many people that because a product is natural it is not as effective as it’s chemical cousins.  This is especially prevalent in chemistry and medicine, where,  ironically, some of the greatest advancements in drugs e.g. penicillin and interferon have come directly from natural sources e.g. mould & Foxglove (Digitalis)

Indeed, there are a lot of effective medicines that have been developed from plants, many of them found in rainforest’s around the equator – particularly the amazon. Take incognito spray as an example, it’s main active ingredient Eucalyptus maculata citriodora comes from plants that grow in this equatorial corridor.
It is so strong it is clinically proven to protect against malaria – no synthetic repellent is allowed to make this claim because they are not so efficient at keeping away mosquitoes and other insects.
I believe that the reason nature is best, is because we are much more aligned with our environmental surroundings of forest, fauna, jungle, etc than we are with a laboratory. Please don’t get me wrong as there are exceptions like aspirin, for example, but on the whole I think nature knows best.
However, some people like their medicine to come from a giant pharmaceutical company that has spent millions marketing said medicine, and then more money on PR to sweeten the side effects of Brand X.    You see, there are nearly always quite a few side effects with synthetics, which are much less with their natural equivalents, sure, natures way can be bad for you too e.g. sugar, but unlike the chemical alternative, aspartame, it is not nearly so bad
If you chew gum switch to Peppersmith. Fast.
We were Finalists with Peppersmith for UKTI’s Exporting For Growth. Unfortunately neither of us won, however, we did get to meet Lord Green, the Minister for Trade & Investment (who refuses to promote UK arms manufacturers – good for him), Sir Eric Peacock – serial entrepreneur & lots of other high fliers who will help with our expansion overseas.
“Big congratulations to the overall winner, Amee, from Pavegen – generates & stores electricity when you walk on it!”
Yours truly, Howard – Founder of incognito

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