Shake 'n Protect: Shake your Shampoo, Sunblock and Spray for Better Protection!

Shake 'n Protect: Shake your Shampoo, Sunblock and Spray for Better Protection!

As winter wraps its chilly arms around us, the temptation of tropical getaways becomes irresistible, promising a break from the cold with sun-kissed beaches and lush landscapes. If your travel plans involve a rendezvous with nature in the tropics, there's a crucial element you might not be giving its due attention – how you could be enhancing the effectiveness of your favourite incognito products!

Beyond the allure of breath-taking scenery, understanding the science behind incognito’s insect repellents and all natural cosmetics can significantly enhance your tropical experience. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of shaking natural formulations and the C.L.O.A.K.S. guidelines, ensuring you get the most out of your winter escape.

Understanding Natural Formulations:

In the realm of natural products, the choice to go chemical-free comes with numerous benefits, but it also brings about unique considerations. One crucial yet often overlooked aspect is the need to shake natural formulations before use. This simple step can make a significant impact on the effectiveness of your mosquito repellents and all natural cosmetics, including our sunblock, shampoo and moisturiser to ensure a consistent experience as you embark on your next adventure!

Unlike synthetic counterparts, natural products often lack stabilizers or emulsifiers. As a result, the ingredients in these formulations can settle or separate over time. In the case of our mosquito repellents and all natural cosmetic products, shaking is not just a routine but a vital part of unlocking the full potential of the products.

  1. Preventing Ingredient Separation:

incognito insect repellents and all natural cosmetic products harness the power of essential oils and plant extracts. These components, however, can tend to separate from the rest of the formulation when in liquid form. Shaking the product ensures that these potent ingredients are evenly distributed, guaranteeing a uniform blend with every application.

  1. Combating Settling:

Over time, natural ingredients may settle at the bottom of the container. Shaking before use prevents uneven distribution and guarantees a consistent concentration of active ingredients, preserving the repellent's effectiveness.

The Energy of Molecules:

Beyond the visible benefits of shaking, there's an intriguing aspect related to the energy of molecules. The act of shaking incites movement within the formulation, influencing the kinetic energy of its molecular components. This increased energy not only aids in the even distribution of ingredients but may also enhance the overall performance of our incognito insect repellent and cosmetic range for all-round, complete protection.

  1. Preserving Efficacy:

Some natural ingredients are prone to degradation when not well-mixed. Shaking before use is not merely a cosmetic step; it's a method to maintain the efficacy of the formulation, ensuring that each application delivers the desired results.

  1. Optimizing Texture and Consistency:

Natural products may exhibit variations in texture and consistency due to their diverse ingredients. Shaking helps achieve a homogeneous texture, contributing to a smoother application of our incognito insect repellents, sunblock, moisturiser and shampoo on your skin and therefore better protection from unwanted guests!

Now that you are well equipped to ensure you shake before you spray your incognito shampoo, sunblock or insect repellent spray here’s a reminder of what to do whether you’re in a tropical paradise or a bit closer to home.

C.L.O.A.K.S. Guidelines: As you dream of your tropical escape, don't just pack your bags – pack your knowledge. Embrace the C.L.O.A.K.S. guidelines from Incognito:

  • Cover Up: Cover up skin as much as possible with suitable clothing, especially arms and legs. 
  • Lighten Up: Light coloured loose clothing is advisable to wear as mosquitoes are attracted to dark colours.
  • Obscure: Odours, both bodily & otherwise e.g. perfumes & nearly all scented toiletries attract insects to you. Therefore, it is key to wash thoroughly morning and evening with our citrus-aromatic all natural HAIR & BODYWASH.  Use a loofah every other day to remove dirt from skin pores if you are very attractive to insects e.g. get bitten in the UK: unlike synthetic mittens and other man-made exfoliators, only a natural loofah has microscopic hairs to remove the detritus.
  • Apply: Apply incognito® 100% effective insect repellent spray, roll-onlotion or suncream repellent on exposed skin. Reapply every 4-5 hours or whenever necessary.
  • Keep Away: Keep mosquitoes out of your dwelling by using an incognito® all natural ROOM REFRESHER OR INCENSE STICKS. Keep away from stagnant water.
  • Shake: Always shake your incognito insect repellents and all natural cosmetics before use for maximum effectiveness.

As you plan your tropical escape this winter, let our all-natural mosquito repellent and cosmetic range become an integral part of the adventure. Give it a tropical shake and follow our C.L.O.A.K.S. guidelines for the best protection. By understanding the significance of shaking and embracing these guidelines, you and your family not only stay protected but also unlock the full potential of your repellent, allowing you to immerse yourself in the tropical magic like never before.

Happy travels!

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