Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a natural repellent as effective as Deet?

      Deet has historically been the go to product for insect repellents, recent studies such as *1 (Plus one journal: Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes Exhibit Decreased Repellency by DEET following Previous Exposure) have found that Deet does not work on all types of mosquitoes. PMD has been found to work effectively on all mosquitoes species tested to date. Incognito® uses the purest form of plant based PMD available on the market. The PMD we used is derived from the citronella winterianus plant and we have formulated incognito® over many years and we even have a secret process which in clinical testing demonstrated elongated efficacy compared to when the secret process was not applied.

  • Do your products contain Citrodiol?

      Citrodiol is a form of PMD derived from the lemon eucalyptus plant, we use Citrepel75 also a form of natural PMD which is 15% stronger than Citrodiol. Like Citriodiol, Citrepel75 is known for its ability to also inactivate viruses and its exemplary insect & tick repellent properties.

      Our sprays can be used on surfaces to deactivate viruses.

  • Is incognito a tropical strength mosquito repellent?

      Yes incognito® is a tropical strength mosquito repellent which is recommended by the CDC & World Health Organisation for use anywhere in the world including mosquito-borne disease areas?

      incognito® produces one strength of insect repellent, because insects will bite if you are in a tropical destination or your back garden, using a reduced strength spray may lead to bites that ruin a holiday or whilst gardening.

      Mosquitoes are not known to bite less in non-tropical destinations, if you are near water or walking through grassy areas you will need prevention against mosquitoes, other biting or stinging insects and ticks.

      incognito® has been formulated to provide 100% efficacy and this is proven in clinical tests. You can’t get higher than 100% efficacy. Unlike most other manufacturers of insect repellents we do not make low strength repellents for Europe & the UK as some people are highly attractive and need a maximum strength wherever they are at risk.

  • What do you recommend as a daily routine whilst away for maximum bite prevention?

      A week before travel exfoliate with a loofah, and again the day before or the day of travel. We recommend using our loofah [insert link] with the citronella soap inside.

      On holiday, wash using citronella soaps [insert link] and/or our hair body wash [insert link], avoid perfumed cosmetics as these nearly always contain attractants to insects.

      Apply insect repellent with a minimum concentration of 20% natural PMD all over the body avoiding the eyes and other sensitive areas.

      Use our insect repellent sprays, roll-on, &/or lotion in the morning, along with SPF30 suncream insect repellent throughout the day. Before heading out in the evening, use any of the repellents except the sunscreen. For areas exposed to the sun during day time hours, we recommend using our SPF30 suncream insect repellent instead of any other insect repellent products as regular SPF suncreams and insect repellents interfere with one another. It is particularly important to use our SPF suncream insect repellent when visiting countries where mosquitoes carry Zika, dengue, yellow fever and chikungunya as these mosquitoes are aggressive daytime biters.

      Take particular care to apply over wrists, ankles, and other areas where veins are prominent.

  • How often do I need to apply insect repellent?

      incognito® insect repellent lasts for 8 hours, with a complete protection time (100% efficacy in clinical testing) of 5 hours. Although we recommend reapplication whenever necessary, especially when perspiration frequently occurs, and always after swimming or showering.

  • What is the difference between the spray, lotion and the roll-on?

      The both size sprays, roll-on and lotion all contain the same level of active ingredient so it’s down to personal preference which one you use. The lotion is the thickest formulation which may give the most thorough application if applied correctly. The roll-on is next in terms of viscosity, that can be easily rolled onto the skin. The spray is our multi-award winning flagship line, loved by so many all over the world! This emulsion should be applied in short bursts 3cm apart. All these formulations are water based and unlike ever other insect repellent in Europe, contain no alcohol. 

  • What is the best way to use the spray?

      We recommend you spray 5-6 cm away from the skin and in short bursts, about 3 cm apart and then massage the repellent on to the skin. Apply thoroughly to all exposed skin. Reapply when necessary.

  • Where are mosquitoes prevalent?

      Mosquitoes prefer warm weather, female mosquitoes lay eggs up to 100 -400 at a time near water. Mosquitoes like to congregate near stagnant water so be aware and be vigilant when in close proximity to stagnant water.

  • When do mosquitoes bite?

      There are both daytime and night time biting mosquitoes. For example, mosquitoes which carry insect-borne diseases such as Dengue, Yellow Fever, Chikungunya and Zika bite during the day, whereas Malaria carrying mosquito-vectors bite between dusk and dawn. It is important to consider where you are going in the world, and what kinds of mosquitoes are likely to be in those areas.

      We recommend protecting yourself day and re applying before going out at night.

      Please check Government travel advice before travelling to any high risk area.

  • Are insect repellents water resistant?

      We recommend reapplying after swimming or bathing.

  • Can I apply incognito® mosquito repellent spray to my clothes?

      incognito® can be applied to most clothes and will not change the colour, we do recommend a patch test to ensure no damage to the fabric.

  • How long does the insect repellent last?

      Most incognito® insect repellent lines have a shelf life of at least 2 years and is effective for up to 24 months once opened.

  • Is incognito® safe for pregnant women?

      The nhs website recommends using insect repellents when travelling to zika prone areas.

      It is important to take extra precautions when travelling whilst pregnant and seek medical advice.

      We have not done any testing on pregnant women because we believe it is unethical to do so. We recommend doing a patch test as skin can get highly sensitive during pregnancy. Discontinue use and seek medical advice if a skin reaction occurs.

  • Can you use incognito® on children?

      incognito® spray, roll-on, lotion and suncream can be used on children aged 6 months and over. These lines are all 100% natural* (*suncream SPF30 formulation 100ml edition) and certified by the Soil Association and are vegan approved.

      As children’s skin is highly sensitive, please ensure to do a patch test on a small area of skin like the back of the wrist before making a full application. If any rash or irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention if concerned.

      incognito® spray can also be applied to clothes (do patch test on inside seam to ensure no discolouration occurs), cot, prams, and other surrounding areas to complement or replace topical application.

      The Zap-ease bite relief is a medical device and not suitable for children under 2 years old. If you have concerns about using our product on you/your child or you/your child suffers from health issues, allergies or anything else that may be relevant please consult with your GP or Health Practitioner prior to use.

  • Is incognito® safe to use on pets?

      We know that many people use incognito® products on pets: horses, dogs, cats, rabbits, llamas, etc. to ward off mosquitoes, bugs and ticks. However, our products are designed for use on humans not pets. We have not done testing on pets and we do not have certification for this classification.

  • What do I do if I am bitten?

      Insect repellents will wear off, you may not have applied enough –&/or you may even have forgotten to apply/reapply it in the first place! If you are bitten, to ease the swelling and itching use zap ease. Zap the bite 5 times.

      Do not scratch the bite. Remember to apply insect repellent thoroughly to prevent this re-occurring! We also recommend wearing long sleeved/legged light coloured clothing (but remember, mosquitoes can and will bite through clothing, so this alone is not enough).

  • Why do mosquitoes bite us?

      Blood is a requirement for their egg reproduction. They can only synthesize a particular protein from human blood. This is why only female mozzies bite us.

  • What size room does the room refresher work on?

      We recommend 2 room refreshers in a 10m x 10m size room, this will vary depending on the draft.

      We also recommend spraying doorways using the incognito® spray.

  • Can I use my own suncream with incognito®?

      incognito® have specially formulated a suncream and insect repellent, as some suncreams will counteract with insect repellents and visa versa.

  • Is incognito® recyclable.

      Not only is it recyclable, but it's opacity prevents UV light from breaking down the potent molecules inside, thus extending the life of the repellent. Our main incognito® lines (where possible) are packaged in renewable source sugarcane plastic which captures more Co2 in it’s production that it emits. It’s the best packaging currently available (in our humble opinion).

  • Do you trade fairly?

      Yes, we trade fairly with everyone. We work closely with our suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers to develop strong and long lasting relationships. We visit the sites of those we work with regularly and this helps us to ensure that the working conditions of all we work with are good and fair. We strictly prohibit exploitation or harassment of any kind.

  • Why use an impregnated mosquito net?

      If a mosquito net is not impregnated with a contact insecticide, mosquitoes can land on it and penetrate it with their proboscis. In areas with high risk of malaria (tropical Africa, the Amazon, parts of south-east Asia) this is even more of a risk. The WHO recommends the use of a long lasting impregnated mosquito net for those areas. The contact insecticide used on our mosquito nets kills flies and other pests, but is harmless to humans. This means the net provides extra safety during a good nights sleep.

      We recommend using a mosquito net at night because no repellent will work throughout the night and some species of mosquitoes such as the malaria carrying vector bites at dawn, when hopefully, you are fast asleep. So, sleeping under an impregnated mosquito net at night and using incognito® when not under the safety of your net, is, in our opinion, your best chance at returning from holiday, with minimum bites.

  • What is Durallin impregnation?

      Our mosquito nets are impregnated with long lasting Durallin technology that applies the insecticide to the material of nets. Durallin can be used without risks for humans but it's deadly for insects and other arthropods. The technology makes use of minimum impregnation. Mosquito nets impregnated with Durallin contain minimum quantities of Solvento. In this respect, Durallin combines effectiveness and durability. Durallin Impregnated mosquito nets remain effective for 3 years (indoors) to 1 year (outdoors) the impregnation can withstand at least 20 washes (max 30°C Chlorine free detergent). Store the net in cover in order to ensure maximum effectiveness