Our Ethics

Our Company Ethics

At incognito®, we believe it is our responsibility to lead the way to a more sustainable industry and we strive to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible. In recognising the importance of sustainability within a context of mass, industrial environmental exportation and climatic threat, we are proud at the forefront consumer-facing upstream sustainability. incognito® is a sustainably minded, carbon-balanced business, committed to ethical and fair practices. incognito® has won multiple awards and we consistently strive to be the best at what we do, at as little cost to the environment as possible. For example, we have won the Queens Award for Sustainable Development in recognition of our efforts to ensure ‘a better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come’.

Our Office

At our office, we understand the importance of minimal resource use, adapting our behaviours to reduce our impact on the environment. We strive to invest in environmentally friendly office materials and appliances wherever possible, for example we use rechargeable batteries, and an eco-microwave and kettle. Our low-energy printer and movement-sensitive lighting also help ensure that we minimise electricity use. We reduce waste wherever possible and train new staff in this good practice, we recycle and re-use packaging, use recycled paper, bubble wrap and envelopes to make sure our products get to you safely and with as little environmental impact as possible.



Our Formula

We continue to push the boundaries and develop new products. We are currently the only company making a truly natural range of complementary insect repellent and associated travel products. As a COSMOS Natural, chemical-free product, our use helps to reduce the level of DEET entering into our biosphere. All incognito® ingredients are grown in nitrate-free fertilizer soil and no pesticides are used in cultivating the organic Java citronella, organic bergamot and organic geranium.  incognito sunblock is also free from nano particles and reef friendly.

Our Manufacturing

We have been awarded the Waitrose Treading Lightly Award for our work in establishing a green supply chain. As well as using back-end packaging from recycled sources, we have minimised the journey and therefore, our product-miles. To reduce the carbon footprint and transportation miles of our products, we manufacture most of our products in the UK and by locating our warehouse within our fulfilment house, our products’ journey to your door is shortened. We also make sure to ship products where needed, instead of flying them, to further reduce emissions.

Our Packaging

All our key line packaging is made from renewable source sugarcane plastic, which helps minimise our greenhouse gas emissions. In manufacturing 1kg of sugarcane plastic, up to 4.6kg of CO2 is removed from the atmosphere. Unlike regular plastics, which can’t be recycled without damaging the recycling chain, all of our new packaging is totally recyclable and provides a genuine direct replacement for standard HDPE and PET - perfect for a truly sustainable packaging solution. 


Our Charity Work

We donate 10% of profits to charitable causes doing important work both on small and large scales, locally and internationally. This year we have arranged for over two and a half thousand products to be sent to the Khora Free Shop in Athens. They help to provide a dignified shopping experience for refugees, asylum seekers, and others in need. We are really happy to be supporting such a great cause. You can read more about the charity here on our blog! 


 We have also partnered with the Travel Foundation, an international sustainable tourism charity which promotes tourism that benefits local people and protects the environment. By supporting their work and supplying our products to their employees, we help the charity to deliver sustainable tourism programmes across the world and safeguard natural sites, which are often extremely sensitive to the impacts of tourism. 


 One of our longest standing links is with Bethsaida Hermitage. Based in Kerala, all profits from the hotel and retreat are channelled directly into charity projects for the surrounding areas. incognito® donates a large volume of products to the hotel, orphanages and wider community for resale or personal use; helping the organisation generate revenue for their charity work as well as providing protection from malaria with minimal environmental impact. incognito® also paid for 5000 new energy saving light bulbs for Bethsaida each with a 10-year lifespan.