incognito® and Sustainability

We are in the 0.01% of the UK's greenest companies.  We’re aiming to be CO2 negative, as soon as possible, if not already!  We have switched our packaging to renewable sourced, sugarcane plastic for all products that are compatible with this form of packaging.  We use biodegradable natural ingredients; non-polluting; sugarcane material that is kerbside recyclable in most households.   

We are 2 times winners of Queen’s Awards for Excellence - sustainable development – the only Insect repellent brand to ever win.  

Obviously all of this comes at a cost and the end result is that it costs so much to manufacture than synthetic, less natural brands and we have much smaller margins.    But we are passionate about what we do and remain committed as there is a continuous and increasing shift in consciousness towards protecting the planet, cutting carbon footprints with CO2 reduction. 

As a consequence of incognito® in 2018 we prevented 20,823 Litres of DEET entering the environment. Since we began trading we have prevented 85,969 litres of DEET entering the environment. Amount of CO2 saved through choosing sugarcane plastic in 2018 was 18,963.27 and 22,749Kg in 2019. Since changing to sugarcane in total we have sequestered  91,498kg of carbon dioxide being in the atmosphere. 

When you conflate this with the 4.27 tonnes saved through offsetting, carbon saving projects in & tree planting in the underdeveloped world it totals the equivalent of 552,642 pounds of coal not being burned since 2015!  Many people are aware we offer the ‘greenest’ environmentally friendly repellents, and more importantly for purchase, 100% protection from mosquitoes and other biting/stinging insects (no synthetic repellents does: scientific study published in peer-review journal available on request.) 

Please see our Blog on our second Queen's award by clicking here: