We’ve had enough off all this scaremongering in the media! Yes, its important to know the facts… but even these can be misleading sometimes.

A lot of the information hot-footing it around our world feeds off an impatient mass of readers and writers eagerly awaiting the next big headline. There is no doubt it is virtually impossible to keep up with it all, let alone sort through real from fake, scandal from reality. It’s rare that we find a balanced perspective… is red wine good or bad for you? Are we all due to be victims of a terrorist attack… or as figures suggest, are we more likely to die from unstable furniture?! Will the next prophesised apocalypse actually occur? And perhaps more pressingly- are we all doomed if Britain leaves the EU… or stays in?!

This blog post is all about swapping the scare-mongering for care-mongering. We want you to have a little more faith in yourself and others… to recognise that armed with the right attitude, preparation, and some rational thinking you will be just fine!

To put this into perspective, lets focus on the fast approaching Summer months which bear a new chance for many thousands of athletes to reignite some fiery competition in this year’s Olympic games!

Not to be underestimated, Brazil’s famous Rio de Janeiro- the location of these Olympics, is expected to fill to the brim, with 480,000 tourists due to descend on the city. Perhaps you are lucky enough to have a ticket, maybe your friend has one, or you’re heading to Brazil regardless of this whole Olympics business!? As much as I’d like to be on a flight to South America, I expect I shall be spectating nearly 6000 miles away from my London dwelling… unfortunately paying the rent takes precedence…

Reports have been critical of Brazil’s preparation for these games, the country is currently struggling with both political and economic turmoil, and Rio’s contaminated waterways are proving difficult to resolve, but it is now the much talked about Zika virus which is getting most of the attention.   

Zika is a new worry for many travellers this summer. While probably unheard of by most people just a few months ago, it has spread quickly through South America and has hit international news with force, due partly to the 2016 Brazil Olympics. Zika is a virus which for most people, will lead to an uncomfortable few days of mild fever, with symptoms of headaches, muscle pain and skin rashes. It is not currently considered serious unless you are a pregnant woman, or a couple looking to conceive due to its connection to Microcephaly- a severe defect in babies who develop with small heads and brains. Further possible associations have been to the Guillain-Bare syndrome which in rare cases is thought to be triggered by a contraction of the Zika virus.

What we must remember however, is that it is entirely possible to avoid all insect bites. In doing so, you can be certain to avoid contracting the Zika virus and other mosquito-borne diseases from the bite of a mosquito! Practicing C.L.O.A.K should mean you do not get bitten, wherever you are in the world. It is also important to use an impregnated mosquito net while sleeping as no insect-repellent can protect you fully for the duration of your beauty sleep! Avoiding all bites does take some forethought, it takes conscientiousness and sufficient insect-repellent. The good news is that it is entirely possible and should not hinder your adventure!

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