A brand that keeps you bite-free without compromising the planet.

Insect populations are increasing due to climate change. incognito® is a sustainable repellent that protects you and the environment.

How are we sustainable?

Saved 8.3T in CO2

In 2023, we saved 8.3 tonnes of CO2 by using sugarcane plastic in our flagship products.

Saved 26,000L of DEET

In 2023, we prevented 26,000 litres of DEET from entering the environment by using natural PMD.

100% Natural

Our formula is 100% natural, biodegradable and vegan.

UK Made

Our flagship products are manufactured locally in the UK.

Sustainable Packaging

Our specially designed black bottles preserve the ingredient's longevity.

Charity Donations

We donate 10% of our profits to charities, for example the Khora Free Shop and the Travel Foundation.

Environmentally Award Winning

We think of the environmental impact before every business decision we make.

Howard Carter

incognito® Co-Founder