Our Mission

A note from our founders

We’re incredibly proud to be the UK’s #1 natural insect repellent. Our products help to prevent people from contracting serious, life-altering diseases and we want to continue educating the public about how a naturally-based repellent is just as effective as synthetic alternatives.

Howard Carter and Patricia Conlon
Co-Founders of incognito


We strive to keep you bite-free without compromising the planet.

Our journey began when our founders, Howard and Patricia, faced the adverse side of bug bites and synthetic insect repellents. Howard caught malaria and dengue during his adventures in Thailand and India, and Patricia, while exploring the Amazon Rainforest, felt uneasy about using toxic chemicals in such a beautiful, biodiverse place. Despite using synthetic, DEET repellents, they were still bitten.

They knew there had to be a better way forward, and hence incognito® was born.

Today, the brand reaches thousands of customers every year across the UK and beyond. The company has won several accolades, including two Queen's Awards for Sustainable Development, a Good Shopping Guide Ethical award and three P.E.A. awards. The products can be found via our online shop or in major grocery, pharmacy and online retailers.

How to stay bite-free.

Follow our co-founder's easy acronym, C.L.O.A.K.