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Each year, incognito® donates 10% of all profits to charitable causes. Beneficiaries may be individuals on a mission to raise money for a cause close to them, student-led groups passionate about social-change, local charities supporting local communities, or international organisations raising awareness of global issues. We donate 10% because we believe that as a business we have a responsibility to care, and because we want to support those who have transformed their compassion into action.

 This year, we are proud to report that we will be donating more than ever before to good causes. In this blog post we’d like to introduce you to a few of the recipients, and explain a bit about the important work they’re doing.

Bethsaida Hermitage

Bethsaida orphanage  The Bethsaida Hermitage is a wonderful eco-travel lodge in India, which funnels all profits into a flourishing variety of charitable projects. Its two orphanages     provide homes and education to over a thousand children, with a true indifference as to their caste or religion. Supported by Bethsaida, these children are able
to leave with qualifications to help them gain well-paid and fulfilling employment.Bethsaida shopedit

Bethsaida also runs a training institute for women who weren’t able to finish their education to empower them with skills fit for  employment. The small hospital provides basic healthcare to children in the orphanage and those too poor to afford any kind of  medical care. The elderly too, are given sanctuary in Bethsaida’s welcoming community, receiving food, medical care and a small  monthly pension. incognito® has for many years donated products to Bethsaida which can be sold in their travel shop, with 100%  profits going towards their projects.

Edinburgh Malaria Initiative

The driving force of this student led project is a desire to combat malaria and its associated challenges. Using a holistic approach, the Enactus Edinburgh team aim to empower  communities both to reduce their chances of contracting malaria and dengue fever, and provide local employment and education opportunities. The project hopes to train individuals to  build solar-powered showers, which can be sold in communities to help improve hygiene levels. In addition, they aim to locally produce soap with insect-repellent properties that can be  sold cheaply.


The students running this project have shown creativity and entrepreneurship in responding to a challenge that affects millions globally. They have importantly balanced  the long-term environmental, economic and social sustainability of the project to form a replicable model for change. With a cause so close to the work of incognito®, we hope to see this project flourish as it develops into the next stages! 



Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People


Rainbows is a charity which cares for and supports children and young people diagnosed with life-limiting conditions affecting their quality and length of life. Helping children and their families deal with the physical and emotional pain of these illnesses can be a true lifeline, providing hope and joy in times of deep sadness. Whether at home or in the hospice, families are supported every step of the way to help them cope with their fears, and empower them to make decisions about caring for their child. Rainbows offers highly specialised, one to one medical care to help manage pain and symptoms, as well as physical care such as washing, feeding, and relaxing. The charity’s work is invaluable, ensuring families can make the most out of the sometimes few, but very precious moments they have together.

Meningitis Now

Meningitis is a serious disease, which could affect anyone at anytime and can lead to death or severe after-effects such as brain damage, hearing and sight-loss, and loss of limbs. Meningitis Now is the onlyMeningitis_Logo UK charity dedicated to fighting the disease, and has funded more than £12 million of vital research into the development of four vaccines. The charity campaigns to spread awareness about the disease and its symptoms, as well as pushing for the introduction of licensed vaccines into public availability. Meningitis Now also helps people come to terms with potentially life-altering repercussions, providing comfort and guidance to those affected by the disease.

Alongside these charities we invest annually in carbon sequestration to honour our commitment to balance the carbon emissions of our business practices. We do this by supporting tree planting initiatives, which beyond acting as a carbon sink, have a multitude of positive and long lasting social, environmental and economic impacts.

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