DEET Danger To Dragon (DDTD)

Just last week a natural, scientifically proven anti-insect formula called incognito appeared on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, narrowly missing investment mainly due to the dragons’ failure to realise the significance of the health implications of traditional repellents which contain the pesticide DEET.

Unwilling to invest, dragon Theo Paphitis admitted to using DEET based products successfully recently in the Maldives on himself and his young family, without realising the potential harmful effects of this powerful chemical.

Yesterday’s headline news – ironically also reported from the BBC – however, pointed to NEW research. The study in the open access journal BioMed Central Biology shows DEET works in the same way as paralysing nerve gases used in warfare, confirming incognito founder Howard Carter’s concerns about the neurotoxic effects DEET has upon mammals. French scientists have recently discovered DEET interacting with other common chemicals and causing toxic effects, and are calling for further research. Professor Brian Greenwood from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine concurs, saying “more research may be warranted to investigate the researchers’ concerns further.”
Even before Dragons’ Den was filmed two months ago, incognito had experienced unprecedented demand for their natural, organic Java citronella-based anti-insect products, which work by disguising the wearer’s kairomones from mosquitoes and other biting, stinging insects.  The range includes the signature spray, as well as after sun moisturiser, shampoo, soaps and incense sticks, and a range of mosquito nets, and are suitable for use in the UK as well as the jungle. Harrods have sold out yet again after selling out four times previously.
Whilst the Dragon’s Den aired clip was brief, the show did not include Dragon James Caan making Howard and Patricia Carter of incognito an offer, but the London-based husband and wife team have now attracted several serious investors to their environmentally-conscious business and are looking forward to further expansion abroad.
Says Howard, “it’s a pity the Dragons missed the boat – mosquitoes and other insects are proving a real problem, not just abroad but also here in the UK, and slathering neurotoxins on our bodies is just not the answer, particularly where young children, babies and even pregnant women are concerned.  Apart from melting plastics, DEET has been held in question for several decades and has also been implicated in cases of Gulf War Syndrome*. incognito offers an effective, safe alternative, it has been rigorously tested by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and rated as strong as the majority of DEET preparations. So why on earth take the risk? incognito products have also been endorsed by many reputable journalists, travellers and celebrities including travellers Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman, Elle Macpherson and Davina McCall.”
incognito is widely available in chemists as well as Harrods, Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods, most health food shops and John Bell & Croydon, and can be bought on line at RRP £8.99 for 100 ml.

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