Embracing the great outdoors - how to make the most of a family camping adventure

Embracing the great outdoors - how to make the most of a family camping adventure

The last few years have changed the way we look at our free time and plan our holidays. With much more emphasis on family time, as well as budgetary constraints, camping style holidays are on the increase. They provide an ideal space for some great family bonding time while also educating younger children on the joys of nature.

In today's fast-paced world, where technology often dominates our lives, there's something truly rejuvenating about reconnecting with the great outdoors. Family camping trips offer the perfect opportunity to escape the chaos of everyday life and create lasting memories with your loved ones. From roasting marshmallows around the campfire to exploring breathtaking trails, family camping brings everyone closer together. While of course many people enjoy a more intrepid style of travel, in this blog post, we'll delve into the joys of family camping and provide essential tips for planning an unforgettable adventure.  Whether you are staying at home or travelling overseas, camping is much less fun if you are not prepared!

Choosing the Perfect Camping Destination: Selecting the right camping destination sets the stage for an incredible family experience. Consider factors such as proximity, facilities, natural beauty, and activities available at the campsite. National parks, and private campgrounds are excellent options, each offering their own unique charms. Research and identify campsites that cater to families, ensuring there are amenities like clean restrooms, picnic areas, and child-friendly activities.

Essential Camping Gear: Before embarking on your family camping trip, make a checklist of essential camping gear. This will ensure you're well-prepared for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Some items to include are:

Tent: Choose a spacious tent that accommodates the entire family with room to spare. Sleeping gear: Sleeping bags, air mattresses, and pillows for a good night's rest. Cooking equipment: Camp stove, cookware, utensils, and food supplies. Lighting: (amazing how many people forget these) Headlamps, lanterns, and flashlights for night time visibility. Outdoor essentials: Camping chairs, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a first-aid kit.  Entertainment: Board games, frisbees, sports equipment, or any other activities your family enjoys. Insect repellent: No-one wants their holiday ruined by pesky mosquitoes or other biting insects. The top complaints that campsites receive are often related to insect activity (over which they have no control!)  Check before you travel to make sure you have the protection you need for your destination. More advice can be found here

Engaging Activities for All Ages: Camping is an opportunity to bond and create lifelong memories with your family. Plan activities that cater to everyone's interests and abilities:

 Nature walks and hikes: Explore nearby trails, appreciate scenic views, and observe wildlife. Campfire storytelling: Gather around the campfire for storytelling or sing-along sessions. Outdoor games: Organise fun games like treasure hunts, badminton, football or frisbee.  Fishing and swimming: If your campsite allows, engage in fishing or take a refreshing dip in nearby lakes or rivers. Stargazing: Marvel at the beauty of the night sky and teach your children about constellations.

Embracing Outdoor Cooking: One of the highlights of family camping is indulging in delicious outdoor meals. Involve everyone in meal preparation and cooking, making it a fun and collaborative experience. Some ideas include:

Classic campfire cooking: Enjoy toasted marshmallows, hot dogs, or healthier foil-wrapped meals cooked over the fire. One-pot meals: Prepare simple and hearty meals in a single pot Grilling: Bring along a portable grill for barbecues and grilled veggies (check before use for any fire safety requirements) Pack snacks and drinks: Keep everyone energised with trail mix, fruits, granola bars, and plenty of water .   

Embracing Nature / switch off!: Encourage your family to disconnect from screens and embrace the beauty of nature. Teach your children about the environment, wildlife, and the importance of conservation. Engage in discussions, educational activities, and leave-no-trace practices to instill a sense of environmental responsibility.

Be prepared: Being in the great outdoors can be great fun and hugely rewarding, but you do need to be prepared. This also includes doing some research into the location you are visiting and checking any environmental requirements. Increasingly, campsites  and nature reserves are requesting customers to bring chemical free products with them.

This also includes choosing the right insect repellent: When it comes to selecting an insect repellent, it's essential to opt for one that is effective, safe, and suitable for the whole family. incognito insect repellent is a natural and DEET-free alternative that offers long-lasting protection against a wide range of insects. Its plant-based formula, enriched with organic ingredients such as citronella and eucalyptus, acts as a powerful shield against bites. It is also sustainable and not harmful to the environment. Incognito also makes a range of complementary ambient and wash products to help reduce your attractiveness to insects.

Apply insect repellent correctly

Read the instructions: Familiarise yourself with the instructions and recommendations provided by the manufacturer. Timing is key: Apply the repellent before heading outdoors, ensuring all exposed skin is adequately covered. Focus on key areas: Concentrate on applying the repellent to areas prone to insect bites, such as the ankles, wrists, and exposed skin. Avoid sensitive areas: Keep the repellent away from the eyes, mouth, and open wounds. Reapplication: Remember to reapply the repellent as directed, especially after swimming or heavy sweating.

Additional Measures for Enhanced Protection

  1. Dress appropriately: In higher risk areas: Cover exposed skin by wearing lightweight, long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and socks.  Use mosquito nets: Invest in quality mosquito nets for sleeping areas, tents, and strollers to create a bug-free zone.  Avoid peak mosquito activity: Minimize outdoor activities during dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active. Remove standing water: If possible eliminate any stagnant water sources near your camping site as they attract mosquitoes.  Regular tick checks: Conduct thorough tick checks on family members, including pets, after spending time in grassy or wooded areas. incognito insect repellent can also provide protection against ticks - be sure to re-apply every 4 hours for maximum protection.

Conclusion: Family camping trips offer countless benefits, from building stronger bonds to nurturing a love for the outdoors. By choosing the right destination, packing essential gear, planning engaging activities, savouring outdoor cooking, and immersing yourselves in nature

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