Fly with Purpose: Exploring Eco-Friendly Resorts for a Guilt-Free Getaway

Fly with Purpose: Exploring Eco-Friendly Resorts for a Guilt-Free Getaway

Fly with Purpose: Exploring Eco-Friendly Resorts for a Guilt-Free Getaway

Words from our travelling CEO and Co-founder Howard Carter…

It's okay to fly. Sometimes. To some special places, in order to balance the haves with the have-nots! I'm not talking about flying to your own island in a private jet, the most polluting mode of all transport: consuming lots of fuel yet carrying few passengers; more on this later! I am referring to visiting an eco or ethically run resort that supports some of the poorest people on the planet.

Picture the scene as I write, the warm Arabian Sea, under the Keralan hot sun, lapping softly upon the golden sanded shore. Sea eagles hover-glide aimlessly over the lush greenery that surrounds the wooden restaurant. This is Beautiful Bethsaida. Do I feel guilty? Not one bit!

Anyone staying at this amazing resort, in Kerala, India, is supporting the local community, who are considerably below the breadline, providing them with jobs that help feed their families, and education. Although poor, Kerala has the highest literacy rate in the whole of India. This attracts starving people from Northern India to earn some money wanting to feed their families. Bethsaida is an Ayurvedic paradise with 6 doctors, 26 massage therapists & countless other friendly angels to pamper you at a fraction of the cost from here. The income from us eco-tourists feed well over 1000 people & the small profit it makes goes to a local school teaching 800-900 deprived children.  

Photos of the school supported by Bethsaida Hermitage, Kerala, India

There are several similar, guilt-free havens around the world. They often exist as non-profits, relying on donations from tourists who visit - it is possible to donate directly to the school - thanks to incognito customers we recently donated £4000 to them, see below.

Climate change affects the poorest countries much worse than the countries that create it in the first place. Therefore, it can't simply be solved by reducing CO2 emissions. A solution needs to be holistic, including the survival needs of all nations. Think about what this means for the underprivileged when you stay home: freezing temperatures encasing grey & gloom. Alternatively, you can fly here, there and everywhere, helping those who would happily give parts of their bodies to exchange places with virtually anyone, in said coldness.

Please don't use a private jet!! Hundreds of them, record numbers, flew into Dubai for COP28. COP conferences discuss and negotiate climate change policies and actions. The use of these jets, by prominent individuals e.g. elites & politicians, emit enough carbon to offset a lifetime of flying for the average frequent flyer. (This also undermines the core mission of these discussions). A UCL research paper calls for transparency, accountability and informed choices in travel decisions to align with climate change commitments.

Nowhere does it prohibit helping those in more need than us. The aim is for equality via lowering your carbon footprint and providing essential revenue as an eco-ethical tourist. At the same time, please enjoy a guilt-free holiday. It could be the kindest act to so many who earn & own precious little.

Another good guilt-free example of eco-tourism is The Spa, on unspoilt Koh Chang, Thailand's second-largest island, where you can detox or simply enjoy peace & serenity, along with stupendously delicious food (Voted into the top 50 spa restaurants in the world by Conde Nast.) in the idyllic surroundings of nature in her element.

Photos of The Spa, Koh Chang, Thailand

Check out this well-put-together list of some of the best sustainable resorts around the world too.


To donate directly to the school please contact the incognito office for details on +44 (0)207 792 8687 or at

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