How do you take your water?

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Travelling abroad can be a brilliant experience and yet, we’ve all heard the stories; diarrhea, vomiting, stomach cramps and possibly even hospitalization with dehydration!  And why?…….drinking  water!!!

One of the most fundamental requirements of the human body is to drink water.  But is it safe?  Drinking water abroad in most 3rd world countries and even some not so third world countries can be a hazardous affair.

You know all those nasty wee things like:

  • Viruses and bacteria
  • Faecal matter
  • Pathogens (including Cryptosporidium & Giardia)
  • Bad tastes & odours
  • Chemicals (including VOCs, SOCs)
  • Heavy metals etc

Well the AQUAPURE TRAVELLER removes them all.

Whether you are hiking, cycling, visiting with family or even in that 5* hotel that you are hopefully staying in, we have the solution (if you will excuse the obvious pun!) to safe drinking water anywhere, anytime…

Never be without your precious supply of clean water again.

clean drinking water aquapure traveller
Aquapure Traveller - removes impurities from drinking water

Weighing in at just under 160grams, the world’s most advanced water purifier; the Aquapure Traveller is a personal water purifier capable of quickly turning up to 350 litres of potentially contaminated water into clear, clean and safe drinking water.
From unregulated water in Nottingham to a mountain stream in Nepal, the Aquapure Traveller is all you’ll need to get your drinking water.

For those techie folks who want to know:  the disinfection media is based on Electrohesion that removes even the smallest viruses, as shown by independent testing.

Made from the highest quality materials and built to the strictest quality control procedures, the Aquapure Traveller is designed to provide you with purified water again and again wherever you are.

As you know, incognito only supply the very best products on the market and that is why we are now stocking the Aquapure Traveller.

You may ask…..why the Aquapure Traveller?
The Aquapure Traveller is the only filter bottle fully endorsed by the London Hospital of Tropical Diseases.
Pure Hydration is an official partner of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s ‘Know before you go’ campaign, and our technology is approved for use by the UK MOD.

Complete your Aquapure Traveller with the essential accessory: Aquapure pouch.

aquapure traveller pouch
the Aquapure Traveller pouch

Take your Aquapure Traveller absolutely anywhere with the Aquapure pouch.

Made from high quality 3mm insulated Neoprene the pouch fits snugly around the Aquapure Traveller Bottle keeping it safe, cool and protected.

With an enormous variety of clips and straps connected to the pouch, you can affix it to pretty much anything and anywhere.  Clip it to your backpack or webbing, wear it on your belt or hang it from your shoulder.

Never be without your precious supply of clean water again.

Click here for more information about the Aquapure Traveller and to order your very own.

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