How To Get Bitten or Not!

Over the years unscrupulous individuals and companies have sought to hoodwick the public with preparations or devices purporting to protect them from all manner of biting and stinging creepy crawlies.  The reality is that nearly all of these products offer no protection at all and the rest minimal at best.

Take ultra-sound devices which include many iApps , all claiming to repel mosquitoes through the use of special frequencies.  Sounds great in theory although in practice you will surely get bitten. Why?  Because mosquitoes do not have ears!

Next up are “luring” machines that emit a kairomone usually CO2 drawing mosquitoes and all manner of other, sometimes beneficial, insects like bees, to a mechanism that indiscriminately kills them.  Nice.  Except for the fact that the machines are virtual always attracting more insects into an area that were there in the first place ensuring you have a much greater chance of being bitten by them.

marmite!I’ve written previously about the B Vitiman Thaimin which offers no protection at all scientifically.  However, if you believe you are protected by the likes of marmite read here.  The only way it will stop insects biting you is if you smear it all over yourself!

Another surefire way of getting insect bites is by not reading the label &/or product information properly on the mosquito repellent you are using.

Essential oils such as Java Citronella and Lemon Eucalyptus can give very good protection over the short-term.  However, you need to be careful when blending them as some oils, like Rose or Lavender oils – just look at a Lavender bush on a Summer’s day – can attract insects to you.  Furthermore, certain base or carrier oils can also be attractive to various insects.  If you’re own blend works well for you then great; follow the advice here to get even better results.  If you haven’t made something that nearly always works for you, simply buy a bottle of incognito spray as it will be a lot less painful.

What about wrist and ankle bands.  These do work, depending on what active/s are impregnated but only locally i.e. around the wrist or ankles.  So these bands can be used in conjunction with a spray, but if you have a good spray that works well for you there’s little point in purchasing something extra that is going to be thrown away after a few hours.

There are very few products on the market that will give 100% protection against all mosquitoes – DEET doesn’t – incognito does and it’s been tested by one of the worlds leading universities, scoring 100% against Anopheles Gambie (an aggressive African mosquito that has transmitted malaria to millions) in al tests.  Click here to buy now.

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