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Here at incognito® we believe that the implementation of ethical and sustainable business practices is of upmost importance. This is what sustainability means to us:

–       A strong and engaged workforce

–       A clear, communicative supply chain.

–       Efficient and minimal resource use with maximum value added.

–       Where possible, use of renewable rather than finite resources.

–       Encouragement of others with similar ethical and sustainable values.

–       A supportive and honest relationship with our customers.


As a growing business, we are constantly changing and adapting, but environmental and social values remain at the heart of what we do. To keep us on track we have put a lot of thought into formulating our targets for the future and measuring our progress along the way.

Some of our targets are to: donate-thum

–       Reduce our carbon footprint by 12% by 2016.

–       Donate 10% of our total profits before tax reduction annually to charities around the world.

–       Donate 750 mosquito nets to Africa by 2019.

–       Support planting of 1000 trees by 2016 in the Southern Hemisphere.

–       Reduce the amount of plastic going to landfill by a further 20% by 2019.

–       Reducing the amount of DEET pesticides used, and leaked into the environment by 6000 litres every year,

on top of the 60,000 litres we have already reduced.

–       Increase training and educating of employees on environmental sustainability in the workplace and outside.


Whilst the above satisfy our more long-term goals, as a company, in a bid to advance our sustainability and promote environmentally friendly living, we have embarked on a mission to engage in ACE’s (Alliance for Climate Education) Do One Thing Campaign. Quite simply, it consists of making one change to your lifestyle in order to contribute to cooling the climate or helping the environment! The premise is simple yet effective, taking the world by storm, with American high schools at the forefront of the movement’s success. Encouraging young people to engage in sustainable living from a young age is key in working towards a better future. So we thought we’d talk you through some of our offices personal pledges, however small they may be, committing to helping the environment one step at a time.

Join the campaign now, make one pledge today and start making a difference.



As my Do One Thing, I endeavor to break free of a childhood phobia. Some may call it childish, but being a tiny (big) bit scared of the dark makes switching ALL my lights off somewhat more of a sacrifice than it is for most. Tackling two issues in one go, helping the environment that tiny bit more, I pledge to make sure EVERY light in my house is off.







Having recently moved into a house that is within feasible walking distance of work, as my Do One Thing,

I pledge to walk to work whenever I can. Not only will this help reduce my carbon footprint,

but also it’ll make my mornings brighter and fresher, so everybody wins!




As we attend and demonstrate at shows all over the country, which involves quite a lot of travel time, I pledge to invest in an electronic car to reduce our pollution output. By doing this we are saving on carbon emission, enabling us to travel as a group and reduce postage efforts (and in turn more pollution) as we are able to negotiate it round the country ourselves.



I pledge to spend less time online as my Do One Thing. By using my computer less and ensuring it is switched off completely, rather than just ‘sleeping’, I will reduce the amount of energy I am using up keeping up to date on Social Media and Instagram. If we all made these tiny changes to our lifestyle, together we can make a big difference.




My Do One Thing pledge is to make sure I only fill the kettle up with the amount of water I need.

I recently read that if we all only boil the water we need to make a cup of tea- rather than filling the whole kettle,

we could save enough electricity in a year to run nearly ½ the street lighting in the UK! Keep those great British cuppa’s sustainable



These little changes are incredibly important, but we at incognito® understand our ability, and role as a growing business to make even bigger changes. We have a variety of other practices in place to ensure we are contributing to environmental, social, and economic sustainability.


Everything in the office, (excluding official documents), is printed on recycled scrap paper. A further 95% of waste in the office is recycled when all of its lives have been used up- everything from cardboard boxes to ink cartridges avoid landfill. Where possible in our products, we use organic ingredients and ensure they are fair trade where possible. The vast majority of our products, aside from the incense sticks and Zap-Ease, are manufactured in the UK. In doing so we not only reduce our carbon footprint cutting 1000s of miles from the production line, but we’re also supporting the UK economy providing jobs and training.







Lily Slydel

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