Malaria – a brief history through humanity.

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Malaria predates humans by millennia. It is thought that we contracted it, via mosquitoes, from our early primate cousins and since then, it has proliferated throughout history and affected whole civilizations.

Here are some examples of the famous people struck down by the pathogen. While diagnosis cannot always be confirmed, the records and suspicions speak for themselves.

World conquerors Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan were both thought to have died from malaria. World leaders King Tutankhamen (recent DNA analysis proved) of Egypt and King Mogkut of Thailand were also both struck down by malaria. Both the Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empires’ leaders suffered badly from malaria; Otto II, Emperor Henidrich and Andronicus III numbering among them.

Between 4 and 6 popes are thought to have died, along with many cardinals and clergymen. This resulted in elected foreign popes no longer being allowed to live in the Vatican for fear of catching “Roman Fever”.

Other famous Italians from history include the poet Dante and the painter Carvaggio. Closer to home both Lord Byron and Oliver Cromwell fell to Malaria.

It doesn’t always kill of course, Cheryl Cole and myself sharing that in common. Of course in recent times with the advent of anti malaria drugs came a reduction in fatal cases. A huge proportion of the USA’s presidents for example contracted malaria and survived including Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Kennedy.

There are also many other cases of famous contractions of malaria. Lord Nelson had it as did Christopher Columbus. Ghandi contracted malaria, as did Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Leon Trotsky. Many stars of the silver screen have caught it too over the years of Hollywood’s existence.  Errol Flynn had it; Michael Caine and Christopher Lee had it too. Even Ari Gold’s Jeremy Piven has had it.

It really just goes to show how ruthless a parasite it is and how it has no prejudice and that no-one is protected from it, unless that is you use a combination clinically proven to work! Sleeping under an impregnated mosquito net and using incognito during the day, dusk and at night has proven itself time and time again to protect its users from malaria. Indeed, nobody has contracted malaria (or any other ailment) whilst using the new formulation of incognito.

Malaria has crept back into parts of Italy, Spain and France. And there is a 42% probability that it could return to the UK today according to a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Further reading [].

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