Mission incognito! – New TV Advert

A ‘Mission Impossible’ style girl in combat gear runs through a mosquito infested jungle with close up face shots of her swatting away mosquitoes. She carries a special device that locates somewhere she can find something effective to repel them. She jumps over a fence and approaches a warehouse. There is a security guard in his booth. She manages to break into the incognito warehouse unnoticed, open the safe and steal some repellent spray to protect her. This can only mean one thing – the new TV advert for incognito has arrived!



Our new incognito TV commercial was made by LookinVideo and stars  glamorous actress, Danila Coelho who appeared in the original incognito ad from 2008.




It is to be shown across 15 Sky channels including Travel Channel, Holiday & Cruise, Discovery and Sky Living this summer. You can watch the ad here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f22BSFXUU9w – so far, it has had over 10,000 hits.

This ad was designed to promote our unique range of anti-mosquito products including Anti-Mosquito Repellent Spray, Zap-Ease – which relieves the itching from bites, a Natural Crystal Deodorant, After Sun Moisturiser, Luxury Soap, Incense Sticks, Hair & Body Wash, Luxury Loofah Soap and Organic Java Citronella Oil.

And it’s working! – the products are selling out fast everywhere they’re stocked, with literally thousands flying off the shelves each week.

incognito anti mosquito products are available from Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, John Bell & Croyden, Planet Organic, Whole Foods, Trailfinders Travel Clinics, health stores and pharmacies, as well as on-line at www.lessmosquito.com

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