Pamper and Protect! incognito®’s 3 Step Regime to eliminating mosquito bites

Our 3-step incognito® regime will pamper, cleanse and protect your skin from insect bites. We’ll keep you glowing in the sun with these three products designed to work in unity for greater strength and effectiveness in combating all insect bites. Using a variety of methods and products really increases your chance of staying bite free. This is important not only in more and more areas outside of the UK, but here in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland too. The high levels of rain this summer combined with unusually high temperatures are producing the perfect conditions for mosquitoes!  heavy rain and rainbow

Step 1: Exfoliate – with the luxury loofah soap

Exfoliating is a valuable part of caring for your skin. Not only does it help to keep it soft as a baby’s bottom, it can also help to make you 50% less attractive to insect bites.Loofah soap

We recommend exfoliating every other day to help to remove the bacteria in your skin pores. These bacteria excrete attractants (kairomones), which are one of the fundamental ways insects detect us. incognito®has created a luxury loofah soap, it is 100% natural and contains microscopic hairs which really clean the skin pores in a way synthetic and man-made brushes have trouble doing. The incognito® loofah also contains citronella soap inside which actively works to repel biting insects. Use this before you go on holiday to reduce your attractiveness to insects before you leave!


 Step 2: Moisturise – with our after-sun moisturiser

INCOGNITO MOISTURISERMoisturising is an important part of this three-step routine… but stop! Don’t use your normal moisturiser, which probably has added perfume fragrances- these scents only slow down all your progress with the loofah, and will increase your attractiveness to biting insects! Our after-sun moisturiser is made up of carefully selected natural ingredients such as sunflower wax, aloe vera and citronella, to nourish your skin and give it a foundation layer of protection. The moisturiser contains active ingredients to repel insects, but gives off a lovely citrusy aroma. If you’re staying in a hot, sticky climate, you might prefer to put this on in the evening to help soothe your skin after a day in the sun.

 Step 3: Repel – with our insect repellent spray and roll-on

Finally, but most importantly, the incognito®repellent spray or roll-on will give you the fundamental layer of protection you need to avoid all bites. Scoring 100% efficacy for up to 5 hours against mosquitoes, midges, ticks, stable flies and more in multiple laboratory tests, our secret formula is one of the strongest in the world.Hi res Spray copy

 Using the spray combined with the loofah and moisturiser will really work to give you unprecedented levels of protection against all biting and stinging insects. To eliminate mosquito bites, use our regime, and you’re well on your way to sidestepping those pesky bugs!

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