Protecting Little Explorers: Why Everyday Use of incognito®’s Kids Insect Repellent Spray is a Summer Essential

Protecting Little Explorers: Why Everyday Use of incognito®’s Kids Insect Repellent Spray is a Summer Essential

Summer is a time for kids to embrace the great outdoors, embark on adventures, and create lasting memories. However, as temperatures rise, so do the activity of pesky insects like mosquitoes and ticks. At incognito®, we understand the importance of keeping your little ones safe from insect-borne diseases while they enjoy the sunshine. That's why we've crafted a specially designed Kids Insect Repellent Spray, tailored for children below twelve years old who have more sensitive skin. 

4 common activities where kids should be protected: 

1. Playing in parks: 

Parks are synonymous with childhood joy, but they can also harbour hidden dangers. Ticks, known for lurking in long grass and wooded areas, pose a threat when kids play in such environments. Ensure your little ones stick to well-maintained areas and consider dressing them in long sleeves and pants, especially when wearing shorts or dresses that leave more skin exposed. 

2. Walking to school: 

For children who walk to school, the daily journey can become an unwitting encounter with mosquitoes and ticks. Remind your kid to stay on designated paths, avoiding overgrown areas. Applying the Kids Insect Repellent Spray before leaving the house adds an extra layer of protection, especially if they're dressed in their summer uniform. 

3. Outdoor sports: 

Whether engaged in organised sports or impromptu playdates, children are prone to exposure in outdoor settings. Increased physical activity can cause biting insects such as mosquitoes to become more prevalent (due to an increase in pheromones), and when these activities are in the late afternoon, it often means heightened insect activity as well. Encouraging the use of the insect repellent in these situations will help to safeguard them from disease-carrying pests. 

4. Evening outdoor activities: 

As the sun sets and temperatures cool down, mosquitoes become more active. Evening outdoor activities, such as family BBQ, can expose children to increased insect activity. Before heading out, ensure your child is protected with the Kids Insect Repellent Spray, especially if they're wearing attire that leaves their skin more exposed. 

Why should you buy incognito’s Kids Insect Repellent Spray? 

  • The everyday essential 

Just as you wouldn't send your child outdoors without a layer of sunblock, the same vigilance should apply when protecting them against insects. Our Kids Insect Repellent Spray is formulated for daily use, providing a shield against mosquitoes, ticks, and other biting insects. This routine becomes paramount during the summer months when insect activity peaks, exposing children to potential health risks and irritating bites. 

  • Designed for sensitive skin 

Kids, especially those under twelve years old, have delicate and sensitive skin that requires extra care. incognito’s Kids Insect Repellent Spray is crafted with this in mind, offering effective protection without compromising on gentleness. The pleasant citrus aroma ensures a non-greasy and enjoyable experience for your little explorers. 

  • Guarding against insect-borne diseases 

The importance of daily application cannot be overstated, especially with the increased prevalence of diseases carried by insects. Ticks, mosquitoes, and other biting pests pose significant health risks (including insect-borne diseases such as Lyme disease, dengue, Chikungunya, Yellow fever, Zika and malaria), and a daily defence routine is key to ensuring your kid's well-being. 

How to apply: 

Incorporating our Kids Insect Repellent Spray into your daily routine is as easy as applying sunblock. Whether your kid is playing in the backyard, going for a hike, or enjoying a family BBQ, a thorough spritz of our repellent ensures they stay protected throughout their summer escapades. Hold approximately 15cm away from your kid’s body, spray liberally and rub in. Make sure to always shake before use. For more product information, click here. 

Products from our extended range for additional protection: 

For kids 6 months and older: 

The insect repellent spray can be combined with our insect repellent roll-on for easy top-ups on exposed areas when needed. For more adventurous-fuelled activities and holidays, we’d recommend using our Java Citronella Soap. Normal scented toiletries are known for further attracting unwanted critters to your little ones. 

For those kids 3 years and older: 

Using the Loofah and Hair & Body Wash is highly recommended, especially for kids prone to insect bites. 

For kids 12 years and older: 

While our Kids Insect Repellent Spray is ideal for the younger adventurers, we haven't forgotten about the older kids who also need protection. For kids above twelve years old, we recommend our flagship Insect Repellent 100ml Spray. It provides the same award-winning defence against mosquitoes and ticks, ensuring a carefree outdoor experience for kids of all ages. 

Protection for the whole family:  

For family protection, shop our range of products including our bodycare range, award-winning insect repellent range including our innovative 3-in1 sunblocknewly launched wooden-bead bracelet and our ambient protection range when sedentary.  

When travelling to high-risk areas it’s important to follow the C.L.O.A.K. guidelines which was put together by bite prevention expert, Howard Carter.  

In the past year, media reports have drawn attention to insect activity outbreaks, including cases of disease-carrying insects spreading across Europe and, a little closer to home, ticks found in UK parks. This serves as a stark reminder that these threats are not confined to distant locations but can affect urban areas as well. Stay informed about local insect-related news, sign up to our Small Bites Blog and be prepared by stocking up on the right insect repellents to protect you and your family. 

Conclusion: A Summer of Safe Adventures 

This summer, empower your kids to explore the world around them without worrying about insect-related risks. Our Kids Insect Repellent Spray is a simple yet crucial addition to their daily routine, offering the freedom to make the most of the sunshine while staying shielded from potential health hazards. At incognito, we believe every adventure should be worry-free, ensuring that summer is filled with joy, laughter, and unforgettable moments. 


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