Taking Up Walking In 2020? Protect Yourself With The Best Insect Repellent

Taking Up Walking In 2020? Protect Yourself With The Best Insect Repellent - Less Mosquito

January presents us with the ideal opportunity to start a new, with health and fitness being high on many a person’s New Year to-do list. Away from gym memberships, a great, fun and fascinating way to keep healthy and active is by walking.

Whether it’s a brisk stroll around the local area or going on holidays around the UK and abroad, walking boosts one’s cardiovascular system; aiding heart health and contributing to weight loss[i].

Being out in the open, however, naturally attracts some unwelcome walking partners. Ensuring that you’re protected with the best insect repellent will help you to enjoy your time in the great outdoors, experiencing only the health and wellbeing benefits it offers.

Here, we’re going to be taking a look at why you should consider taking up walking (if you haven’t already), as well as how best to protect yourself from pesky bugs whilst you’re out exploring.

Taking Up Walking & Using The Best Insect Repellent

The Benefits of Taking Up Walking

As walking is natural and you can go as slow or as fast as wish making it not particularly strenuous (you can go at your own pace), it is said by many to be the ‘perfect exercise’. Aside from looking after your physical health, here are some great reasons to take it up this year:

  • Mental health boost. Regular walking has been stated to improve self-esteem, mood and sleep quality, as well as reducing stress, anxiety and fatigue[ii]. Getting outdoors, away from the same environments created by home and work will help to re-focus the mind, generally placing it at ease and ready to approach situations with a new perspective.
  • Social boost. Whether it’s with family or friends, going on walks is a great way to get sociable and chat about things that you feel you have no time for on an average day. Getting out in the open can help to build relationships and boost rapport between people – especially useful if you’re out with people you work with/see daily. Embarking on a walking trip can also help you to meet new people; creating friendships and a network of likeminded people. All the while, everyone will be experiencing the physical and mental benefits of being on the move.

  • Sightseeing. Brilliantly linking together the boosts to physical and mental health, as well as providing plenty of talking points, is the beautiful scenery that you’ll experience in the open air. In the UK alone, there are a wide variety of national parks that showcase eye-catching countryside, with an abundance of fauna, wildlife, lakes, landforms and rock formations – from Dartmoor to the Scottish Highlands. For an island, we sure pack a lot of diverse countryside in!

Insect Repellent – The Ideal Walking Partner For Any Trip

In their strive to explore, many walking aficionados go much further afield for their adventures – South America and Asia being particularly popular hiking destinations. Whilst it may seem obvious to pack the best insect repellent when embarking on a trip abroad, walking anywhere has the potential to attract pests – the Scottish Highlands, whilst well worth a visit to see the lochs, are particularly notable for their midges and ticks, for example. Add into this, the growing threat of domestic mosquitoes or other insects, means that remembering to pack insect repellent is now a vital part of any trip.

But which repellent to choose? Whilst there are a wide range of synthetic repellents out there, the issue is that many of them will not be suitable for certain skin types. A more inclusive insect repellent for skin, would be DEET-free and formulated from 100% natural ingredients. Spray-on insect repellents are handy to use whilst out on a walk – they last for several hours and can be reapplied with ease when necessary.

So if you’re interested in taking up walking and/or are going on a walking holiday this year, why not pack the best insect repellent there is?

incognito® Insect Repellent – Natural, DEET-Free Protection Against Mosquitoes, Ticks, Midges and More!

Here at incognito®, we provide people with 100% natural protection against the effects of insect bites – the use of natural ingredients allowing a wider range of people to access robust protection (such as children and those who suffer with sensitive skin).

One of our most-popular products is our award-winning Insect Repellent Spray – 100% natural and DEET-free, it has been clinically-proven to provide full-protection against Zika, dengue and malaria-carrying mosquitoes, as well as midge and tick swarms for up to 4 hours per application. ml or mini 50ml bottles (ideal to slip into a pocket or bag whilst on the move), you can relax knowingly that you’ll be able to reach for protection, regardless of where you may be.

As the best natural insect repellent on the market, we are proud to say that our repellent spray is non-GM and vegan-friendly. So whether you’re looking for daily protection for your holiday or are going out-and-about on a walking adventure soon, you can rest-assured knowing that, by going incognito®, you can enjoy your time outdoors without having to worry about suffering the effects of insect bites.

 Please feel free to take a look at our range of insect repellents – click on each product to learn more about their formulation and application instructions. If you have any questions, our sales team are always on hand to help. You can reach them by calling 020 7792 8687 or by sending an e-mail to info@lessmosquito.com.


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