The double act: perfumes that act as insect repellent

It’s a late summer evening, you’re sitting outside on the veranda enjoying a meal with your friends. They’re commenting on how much they love your new sweet smelling perfume, and you can’t deny it, you’re pretty pleased with your latest purchase. You’ve caused a real stir… although hang on, it’s not only your friends attracted to your perfume! That unmistakable hum is growing louder… it looks as though you’re the tasty treat tonight!

Yes, do you know who else is attracted to your deliciously sugary perfume?! Mosquitoes!! And they’re always out for a quick bite…

Sweet floral smells attract mosquitoes and this can be a problem for perfume-wearers, particularly during the autumn and summer months. You see, the female’s diet (only female mosquitoes feed on our blood!) is mostly plant based; they only go for humans when they’re ready to reproduce as blood contains the proteins needed for egg production. So when they whiff the floral scent of your perfume, they think of you as meals on wheels!

close up of woman hands spraying perfumeHowever, there is no need to sacrifice your perfume-wearing habit, as a new generation of fragrances that double up as insect repellents are now being sold like never before. This means that you can still smell delicious and be protected from insects. How perfect is that?!

Aromaflage ($65 for 50ml), a perfume created specifically for repelling mosquitoes and other biting insects, is bursting with notes of orange peel oil, cedarwood oil and vanilla. Likewise, incognito spray (£9.99 for 100ml), is an uplifting lemon tea fragrance suitable for both men and woman that can be sprayed on bed linen and clothing without any fears of staining. Alfresco (£35 for 50ml), a third luxury perfume insect repellent uses 20 essential oils to keep you smelling sweet while keeping the mosquitoes at bay. But when it comes to efficacy, there is only so much protection most perfume repellents can give. EG (Aromaflage is only as effective as 25% DEET over 2.5hrs).

ic_spraynYet the 100% natural insect repellent incognito has been tested to be 100% effective against the Aedes mosquitoes, the type of mosquito that carries dengue fever, yellow fever, Zika virus and chikungunya, along with malarial ones.

The natural ingredients include camphor and bergamot, & one of the purest PMDs which is derived from the lemon eucalyptus plant. Save yourself a bout of choking by avoiding spraying yourself with the neurotoxin DEET and be left surrounded with a fresh citrusy aroma that guards off stinging and biting insects. (It also protects from tick bites.)

Yet incognito is so much more than just a spray. They have a wide range of cosmetic and washing products that work in conjunction with the spray to add an extra layer of protection against insects. incognito Hair and Body Wash (£8.49 for 200ml) combines 100% natural ingredients that thoroughly cleanse your body. It not only lowers your attractiveness to insects, it also helps combat dandruff, fungal infections and even head lice if used regularly. incognito Moisturiser (£13.99 for 200ml) likewise leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky. Containing natural aloe vera, it can be used as aftersun. Combine these three products together and you’ll have an unprecedented level of natural protection- a citrusy aroma that mosquitoes & other biting insects don’t like but you (and your friends) certainly will!

Now you can return to enjoying your outdoor meal smelling beautiful without having to worry about attracting pesky bugs!

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