Top Tips on Avoiding Bites


C = Camouflage – always use when insects are around to cloak yourself from being detected!
L = Long-sleeved clothing – wear light-coloured long sleeved shirts and trousers. Then spray on top with camouflage.
O = Odour – Wash thoroughly, to minimise your body odour.
A = Avoid wearing perfumes and other fragrances like scent – all of these can attract insects to you from up to a mile away!
K = Keep away from stagnant water – this is where mosquitoes and insects reproduce; and the next thing the female mosquito does is feed off blood!
E = Exfoliate – at least every other day to clean the dirt from your pores which stops skin bacteria feeding off it and excreting a strong attractant in the process.
D = Dawn and Dusk – mosquitoes are most hungry at these times so stay inside. If mosquito activity is intense stay inside under an impregnated mosquito net.

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