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With ever increasing hordes of wasps around this Summer (30,000 stings alone in July!) I thought I’d share my experience of dealing with these problematic creatures.

Recently I’ve read a lot about how some people like to place a jar of water and sugar in a corner of their garden to distract a wasps from joining a meal outdoors. This actually just attracts many more than were originally present in the first place! So, a better solution is to use citronella incense, either in cone, coil or stick form (sticks usually burn longer and are therefore better value), as the smoke keeps away all insects. Burning ordinary incense does not deter all wasps or mosquitoes, it has to be citronella to be completely effective.

In years gone by, these sticks were sometimes quite hard to get a hold of as they were nearly always seasonally sold out. At incognito we sell them in a pack of 10 for a very reasonable £4 – not bad given that each lasts about an hour and will ensure a wasp/insect free outdoor meal!

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