Winter Sun Protection Tips: Using The Best Insect Repellent and More!

Winter Sun Protection Tips: Using The Best Insect Repellent and More! - Less Mosquito

Although the winter can be magical in its own unique way, it’s fair to say that the weather can challenge our enjoyment of the season at times. Swapping the bitter cold for some re-energising warmth is one of the (many) reasons why many of us choose to holiday in sunnier climes during the winter.

Travelling to hot or tropical locations aren’t without their pitfalls, however; being hot and humid environments, mosquitoes, bed bugs and various types of gnats are all too common in such climates. To remedy their effects, you should ensure that you’re protected with the best insect repellent – as well as these other tips we’ve put together.

Tips on Holiday Bug Protection: Using The Best Insect Repellent and More

Whilst we’re no strangers to pests in the UK, we are more susceptible to pests abroad as they are likely to carry diseases that aren’t prevalent in this country. So when it comes to travelling, it’s important to be aware of the risks – and that you’re protected.

One of the most common, are mosquito bites. Itchy and painful, at best they put a dampener on the holiday – at worst (without sufficient prevention), they could lead to diseases, such as yellow fever, malaria and the zika virus. But don’t worry – by taking a few simple preventative measures, you can avoid bites and infections and be left to enjoy your winter sun.

Tips on Avoiding Insect Bites

Talk to your GP

If you’re travelling to an area with a subtropical climate and aren’t sure about what precautions you should take, always consult your GP. Many of these areas are prone to insect-borne diseases – your doctor can offer you treatments and additional advice against contracting them.

Use insect repellent

One of the major steps to take to avoid insect bites on holiday is to pack the best insect repellent you can find.  Working as a guard for your skin, an insect repellent prevents bugs from biting exposed areas, leaving it clear to enjoy the vitamin D that the sun will be shining down! (There are even insect repellents that are combined with suncream to provide all-day protection against pests and sunburn too).  Whilst there are many synthetic products on the market, choosing an organic option can be great for sensitive skin and suits many other skin types too.

Do your research

Before you jet off to soak up the sun, do some research on which pests are the most common in the country you’re visiting – a simple Google search will often provide you with everything you need to know. Similarly, research the place where you’ll be staying – online reviews for hotels are easy to find and if there were any bad infestations of pests, someone would have written a review about it.

Inspect your accommodation

Even if your hotel has had good reviews, anyone worried about insect bites should check their rooms for bed bugs to be certain. Look around the bed frame, bedside cabinets and other furniture for signs of bed bugs – they tend to hide in these enclosed places, as well as lurk around skirting boards.

Keep your rooms clean

A great way to prevent bugs from being attracted to your living spaces in the first place is by ensuring that the area is kept clean – travelling should be no exception to this rule. Keeping everything clean and tidy will prevent any flies, ants and cockroaches from infesting, as will cleaning up any food and drink spills, throwing away uneaten food and making sure any bins aren’t overflowing.

C.L.O.A.K Yourself

As outlined on our dedicated page on avoiding mosquito bites, the C.L.O.A.K strategy can be an effective additional defence for when you’re out in the sun. Follow these steps:

  • Cover up your arms and legs with suitable clothing.
  • Light coloured clothing should be worn, as mosquitoes are particularly attracted to dark colours.
  • Odours (bodily, or otherwise) are strong attractors of pests, so ensuring that you’re clean and not wearing any perfumes can prevent attention.
  • Apply insect repellent, especially on any exposed skin.
  • Keep away from stagnant water, as this is another place that pests like to gather (and breed).

Go Incognito, Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes At All Times

Here at Incognito, our mission is to provide our customers with a 100% natural, best insect repellent that is as effective as what available synthetic alternatives are. By using all-natural ingredients, our products can be used by people with sensitive skin and by children aged from 6 months, and have been clinically-proven to offer protection against zika and malaria-carrying mosquitoes, making them ideal to use in subtropical climates.

For day use, check out our spray, suncream and/or roll-on ranges. Extremely lightweight and compact, they are a perfect companion for your tropical holiday – whether you’re away from the hotel for long days, backpacking or staying in a tent or caravan.

For all-day and night use, we have formulated an anti-insect ‘Room Refresher’ that acts as a plug-in, leaving your room smelling like a fresh pine forest. Requiring no batteries, it is 100% natural and chemical-free; the citrusy fragrance it emits is perfect to cater for a relaxing and stress-free sleep too.

All of our products are non-GM and vegan-friendly – never tested on animals.

So, if you’re going on holiday soon, why not take the time to browse around our ranges to learn more about each insect repellent product that we have on sale?

Need To Learn More About Incognito Protection Against Mosquitoes?

If you have any further questions to ask about selecting the best insect repellent, our dedicated sales team are on hand to help. You can contact them by calling 020 792 8687 or by sending an e-mail to
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