Mosquito Bite Avoidance follow C.L.O.A.K

Travellers are advised to seek travel advice from a health care professionals at least 6-8 weeks in advance of travel, but particularly important if you are pregnant or planning pregnancy.

Strict Bite avoidance measures are recommended for all travellers, especially pregnant women. Aedes mosquitoes are particularly persistent and aggressive biters from dawn until dusk.

Especially if you are susceptible to insect bites follow C.L.O.A.K.


C – Cover up skin as much as possible with suitable clothing, especially arms and legs. You can also soak clothes with 10-20 drops of Java citronella diluted in water to give them a reasonable repellent quality.

L – Light coloured clothing is strongly advisable to wear as mosquitoes are attracted to dark colours. If walking through the countryside or Jungle, tuck trousers into socks & spray them with insect repellent.

O – Odours, both bodily & otherwise e.g. perfumes & nearly all scented toiletries draw insects to you. Therefore, it is key to wash thoroughly morning and evening with citrus-aromatic products e.g. incognito hair and body wash or luxury citronella soap. Use a loofah every other day to remove dirt from skin pores, especially if you are very attractive to insects e.g. have ever been bitten by an insect in the UK: unlike synthetic mittens and other man-made exfoliators, only a natural loofah has microscopic hairs to remove the dirt.

A – Apply incognito® 100% effective insect repellent spray, roll-on, lotion or suncream repellent on exposed skin. Reapply after 4-5 hours or when necessary.

Mosquitoes target the ears, wrists and ankles because the blood vessels are nearer the surface.

Using Any insect repellent either before or after sunscreen will lower the SPF & could affect the efficacy against insects.

K – Keep mosquitoes out of your dwelling by using our Room Refresher or burning Java citronella; to remove insects from a room, light an incognito® incense stick. Keep away from stagnant water.

The department of disease control at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the NHS recommends 2 actives to be used in high risk areas where mosquito-borne illnesses could be present: PMD & DEET.

Our PMD goes through a unique secret process that increases the duration by over 20% and gives 100% complete protection time (CPT) for five hours. This active, in all our repellents, is the purest form of natural PMD (Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus) and is 100% effective against all the main disease-carrying mosquitoes in tests.