Our Story

incognito® was born because both of the co-founders experienced first hand the downsides of using synthetic insect repellents. Howard contracted malaria then dengue within a year of each other (in Thailand and India) while using Deet and taking anti-malarial medication.

Meanwhile Patricia was on holidays on a trip to South America, she took Deet and a natural repellent. Patricia found herself unwilling to use Deet because there was no water treatment facilities in the middle of the Amazon where she was staying and it was so incredibly beautiful there it felt wrong for her to use such a toxic substance. But the natural repellent she took did not work so well.

Patricia and Howard then co-founded incognito®; a natural insect repellent that worked, with the ethos of not harming the wearer or the environment. Incognito® to make you invisible to mosquitoes.


Our hero incognito® insect repellent spray is used all around the world, and in clinical tests is 100% effective against Aedes aegypti mosquitoes*. incognito spray® uses the strongest form of PMD, botanical PMD.

Time away is one of our biggest opportunities to re-bond and enjoy our time together as family and with friends. Climate change is resulting in warmer weather, does mean higher insect populations. Apart from causing serious health issues, insect bites can ruin holidays due to discomfort, swelling, itching, and other adverse reactions.

Our range has been specifically designed to protect our consumers around the world so you can enjoy your time with your friends and families. We also work tirelessly to protect the environment for our children, we invest in sugar cane packaging and keep packaging to a minimum.

Protecting you, your loved ones and our environment.