Mr Anti Mosquito

Mr Anti Mosquito on the latest research pertaining to Deet and its uses today

It is the second time in the last 2 weeks that a Travel Editor didn’t get any bites whatsoever whilst using incognito, the other was Real Travel Magazine’s Hfu Reisenhofer, proving once again that incognito is stronger than Deet.

Howard Carter on EcoTube

You can view an interview with Howard Carter on EcoTube

incognito on Dragons Den

incognito braved the Dragon’s Den and had about an hour and forty minutes worth of “grilling time”. Neither Howard nor Patricia made big enough fools of themselves to make for footage longer than the one and a half minutes of video aired. They did receive offers, but decided against taking the Dragons’ money, opting instead to take the fantastic advice given to them, especially with regard to the designing of the new bottle.

Since then, they have been approached by various Dragons along with other potential investors yet have decided to keep incognito independent in line with its ethical values. incognito has blossomed into a growing, profitable business, which is quite a feat for a green brand during a recession.

Viral Advert

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We would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all involved with our TV ad and to prove it, here you all are!

Camera man, director and producer: Billy Payn –
Music/Audio: Ned Bigham (Arranger) – John Robertson (Composer) –
Voice Over/ Audio Artist: Aaron Hussain
Choreography: Annabel Sikdar
Make-up: Emma Coleman –
Visual Artists: Annabel Sikdar

Danila Coelho Holly Evans Vanessa Threapleton-Horrocks Sean Ip William Dickson

Concept, Script and theme: Howard Carter

Filmed on location at Holkham Hall, courtesy of Crispin Buxton with thanks to Lord and Lady Coke.