3 Summer Events You Didn't Know You Needed Insect Repellent For

3 Summer Events You Didn't Know You Needed Insect Repellent For

Jul 02, 2024Nicky Monina

Summer is the season for outdoor fun, but it’s also prime time for insects. Whether you’re enjoying a beautiful beach wedding, hitting up a music festival, or indulging in a stargazing night, keeping the bugs at bay is crucial. Let’s dive into three summer events where you’ll be thankful to have your trusty incognito insect repellent on hand.

  1. Weddings: Love is in the Air... and So Are Bugs

Picture this: it’s a gorgeous summer wedding by the lake, a romantic sunset, and the bride and groom are sharing their first dance. Now imagine swatting away mosquitoes during that tender moment. Not quite the fairy tale, is it? Weddings, especially outdoor ones, are a magnet for bugs. The combination of floral arrangements, sweet-smelling perfumes, and warm bodies can attract mosquitoes and other insects.

Pro Tip: Whether you’re attending a wedding in the UK or a destination wedding, make sure to apply incognito’s 100% natural insect repellent spray before and during the ceremony. If it’s a day-time wedding, consider using our combined Sunblock and Insect Repellent formula and if kids are in attendance we’ve got them covered too. It’s a must-have for the bride, groom, and guests!

  1. Music Festivals: Rock Out Without the Bug Bites

Music festivals are a summer staple, offering a chance to enjoy live performances under the open sky. But with large crowds and long days outdoors, they’re also a hotspot for insects. Standing in the middle of a field swarming with bugs is no way to enjoy your favourite band.

Pro Tip: Before you head out, apply incognito’s roll-on insect repellent for easy, mess-free protection. Don’t forget to reapply every few hours, especially if you’re dancing up a storm. For those camping overnight, our room refresher is perfect for keeping your tent bug-free, ensuring you get a good night’s sleep after a day of rocking out.

  1. Stargazing Nights: Catch the Stars, Not the Bites

There’s nothing like a summer night spent stargazing. Whether you’re at a countryside spot or a local park, lying under a blanket of stars can be magical. But as you gaze up at the Milky Way, mosquitoes might be looking at you as their next meal. 

Pro Tip: Keep your stargazing nights serene with incognito’s incense sticks. Place a few in the soil around your blanket to create a barrier against bugs. For personal protection, consider our lightweight natural insect repellent bracelet, which reduces your attractiveness to insects for 18 days. This way, you can enjoy the stars without getting bitten.


Summer events are meant to be enjoyed, not endured. Whether it’s a wedding, music festival, or stargazing night, being prepared with incognito insect repellent ensures you and your loved ones can focus on making memories, not swatting bugs. So, stock up on our range of natural, effective products and enjoy a bug-free summer!

P.S. Did you know all our products are 100% natural and Deet-free? Read this article by Emma Cartwright from That Travel. She's all about Responsible Adventure Travel, and talks about why it's important to go Deet-free and how incognito has been effective on all of her adventures.

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