How to Host a Bite-Free BBQ This Summer

How to Host a Bite-Free BBQ This Summer

Jul 04, 2024Nicky Monina

Hosting a summer BBQ is one of the season's greatest pleasures—good food, great company, and the perfect weather. However, nothing can ruin your outdoor fun faster than an insect bite. There’s a higher risk of insect-borne diseases circulating the UK and Europe at the moment (such as Lyme disease from ticks and dengue from mosquitoes), so it’s crucial to protect yourself and your guests. Here’s how to keep everyone bite-free with a little help from incognito’s award-winning, 100% natural products.

Start with Sun Protection

If your BBQ kicks off during the day, sun protection is a must. Use incognito’s sunblock insect repellent, which offers dual protection against harmful UV rays and biting insects. Apply it generously to all exposed skin at least 15 minutes before stepping outdoors. It’s perfect for adults and kids over six months old, ensuring everyone can enjoy the sunshine without worrying about sunburn or bug bites.

Set the Scene with Ambient Protection

Create a bug-free zone around your BBQ area with incognito’s lemongrass incense sticks. Light a few sticks and place them around your outdoor space to keep insects at bay. These incense sticks not only add a pleasant aroma but create a protective barrier, driving bugs away from your gathering.

Personal Protection for All

Ensure everyone is protected by having incognito’s 100% natural insect repellent spray and convenient roll-on readily available. Apply the repellent on all exposed skin, and don’t forget to reapply every 4 hours, especially if your BBQ transitions from day to nighttime. For extra protection, spray incognito’s repellent on your clothing as well.

For the little ones, use incognito’s kids insect repellent. It’s gentle on sensitive skin but tough on bugs, giving parents peace of mind while the kids run around and play.

Extra Tips

  • Dress Smart: Encourage guests to wear light-coloured, loose clothing to reduce mosquito attraction.
  • Cover Up: If you’re hosting a BBQ near grassy, wooded areas, remind guests to wear socks and shoes to prevent tick bites.

By incorporating these simple steps and using incognito’s effective range of products, you can host a memorable BBQ. Enjoy your summer gatherings with confidence, knowing you’ve got the best protection against those pesky insects.

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