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Aug 07, 20121ncogn1t0

With mosquito and other insect numbers on the increase in the UK this year, avoiding insect bites is more important than ever. The following tips are even more important when you are abroad as the number of British citizens contracting malaria has increased by over 33% from 2010 to 2011 and this deadly disease regularly crops up in Europe during Summer. The malaria parasite is also more resistant to anti-malarials and therefore, they cannot be relied upon to protect you, only avoiding all bites can do this!


Make sure you stay bite free this summer with our handy acronym CLOAKED:


amouflage – use incognito ( to create a camouflage against insects; if they cannot detect you they cannot bite you.


L ight and long sleeved – light coloured clothing with long sleeves and trousers should be worn at all times, as mosquitoes prefer darker colours and can easily “hide” on black.


dours  – wash thoroughly in incognito Hair & Body Wash ( or soaps to not only minimize bodily odours (Kairomones: which attract mozzies), but also to build up a base layer of protection against biting insects. Ordinary shampoos, shower gels & soaps usually contain attractants to insects e.g. parfum.


void perfumes – wearing perfumes and using scented products (such as strawberry shampoo, cocoa butter moisturisers etc) can attract even more mosquitoes to you and you are attractive enough as it is!


eep away from stagnant water – this is where mosquitoes and other insects reproduce so there are frequently swarms of mosquitoes & other insects nearby.


xfoliate – use a loofah (incognito loofah soap is a handy travel item; an organic piece of loofah containing citronella soap every other day to clean the dirt from your skin pores. This stops bacteria feeding off the detritus and excreting a powerful kairomone; a strong attractant to mosquitoes and other insects.


D awn and Dusk – mosquitoes are most hungry at these times so we recommend staying inside. If mosquito activity is intense, use an impregnated mosquito net to protect you whilst sleeping.


If you follow all of these steps you will become CLOAKED from insects such as mosquitoes and it is highly unlikely you will get even one single bite!

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