What’s so special about a Loofah or Luffa?

And how it can help make you less attractive to mosquitoes and other biting or stinging insects…..

Exfoliating regularly doesn’t just keep your skin extra healthy; the process removes particles of food (detritus): dead skin cells; skin products, dust and other pollutants from skin pores, that the bacteria living on your skin feed off.

These friendly bacteria digest this food source and then excrete a very strong attractant (kairomone). This is one of the ways in which biting insects detect you. In fact, female mosquitoes can detect kairomones from up to a kilometre away.

By removing the bacteria’s food supply your attractiveness to mosquitoes is instantly lowered because the bacteria have nothing to feed off.

Exfoliating also:

–     Tightens the skin

–     Enables the largest organ in the body, the skin, to breathe more as oxygen intake increases.

–     Leaves skin soft and glowing

–     Reduces blackheads and acne by unclogging pores

–     Speeds up the skin renewal process, eases discolouration and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

–     Makes skin more receptive to moisturisers

You don’t need to buy our loofah soap, they can be picked up from just a few pounds to £30 and are usually at least a foot long. The important thing to remember is that only a loofah, because it has unseen microscopic hairs, can truly get in and clean out the skin pores. A synthetic  mitt, brush or other man-made exfoliator won’t work anywhere near as well. Nature knows best.  Natural sea sponges may be excellent cleansers, but they will not exfoliate the skin – they are easy to confuse with loofahs as they are sometimes called luffa sponges. Many people, including myself once upon a time, think that luffas come from the sea, when in fact they are plants; marrow-like gourds – the flesh can be eaten, leaving the inner luffa skeleton.

incognito’s luxury loofah also encloses rare organic java citronella soap,  which is twice as effective as normal citronella for repelling mosquitoes – unlike the ordinary species, C. nardus, mosquitoes are not used to the elusive citronella because it only grows on Java. Therefore using the incognito Luxury Loofah Soap reduces the chance of you being bitten by up to 50%,whilst making your skin healthy and beautiful. It only weighs 30 grams and is just 5″ long, so is an ideal travel accessory. Although it is best to use it all year round for maximum effect.

Loofah has many names, smooth loofah, loofah sponge, loofa, luffa, loufa, loufah, sponge gourd, Chinese okra, elephant okra, dishrag gourd, towel gourd, and other common names in many different languages.  The scientific names are Luffa aegyptiaca or Luffa cylindrica. There are other related species within the Luffa genus like Luffa acutangula, the angled luffa or ridged luffa. They also have other uses, such as a scrubber to make dishes shine.



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