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Citronella v incognito® repellent

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What is a citronella based insect repellent and what is the difference to incognito®

Originally incognito® insect repellent contained only citronella as its main mosquito repellent ingredient. Our original citronella spray that we launched in 2007 had an efficacy of 82% Then in 2012 the EU banned Citronella (insect repellent active ingredient) as a biocide, because of short-sighted bureaucracy more than anything else (it's a long story!). We at incognito® recognise the long standing history of citronella as a natural and effective insect repellent. However, since it was no longer permitted as a main active in insect repellents, we had to seek an alternative. We wanted a DEET-free, natural insect repellent that was highly effective as a mosquito repellent as well, and was also planet/ child-friendly. It’s quite a long wish-list! We were delighted when we found natural botanical PMD – which was relatively new to market at that time. Pretty quickly we came up with a PMD formulation using a unique manufacturing process that provides 100% efficacy: which is why it is approved for use anywhere in the world!

incognito® insect repellent products all use the purest and therefore strongest concentration of natural PMD which is derived from the citronella (C. winterianus) plant as its base. To make natural PMD, Java citronella leaves are processed in the laboratory, potentised, impurities removed (as much as possible) and the end result is Citronella based PMD so essential you end up with a turbo charged version of citronella insect & mosquito repellent. Just to be absolutely clear there is also a synthetic version of PMD which has less effect on mosquitoes & other biting insects & we do not use it.

The main differences between citronella based insect and mosquito repellents and PMD based insect and mosquito repellents are that PMD based products are much stronger, and thus more effective. They also last a lot longer than standard citronella products - we have seen this in the independent clinical testing. In addition there is a wealth of information online. From our humble begginnings incognito® is now used all over the world by children, families, travellers, in fact anyone over 6 months of age who needs protection from mosquito & other insect borne diseases.

Here at incognito® we are always evaluating natural v synthetic, organic v inorganic and we count ourselves as quite an awake and aware organisation with a common goal, helping to protect people at the same time as honouring and respecting Mother Earth along with the people who inhabit it. This is not just insect repellent, this is child-friendly insect repellent with purpose!

Additionally, incognito® also works on midges, ticks, sand flies and even bedbugs. So no matter where you are heading to, it’s worth including incognito® in your suitcase because you never know where or when you might need it!

Citronella v incognito® repellent

I know we have said it a thousand times (or more!), but for the best results please consider using our cosmetic products which have been specifically designed to work alongside incognito® repellent to give optimum results. So whether it’s our citronella deodorant, our our award-winning citronella: body-wash, soaps or moisturiser products – give them a try to see how they work in harmony with your insect repellent to give you unprecedented levels of protection. Although we do sell pure organic citronella oil it should not be applied to the skin unless it is diluted.

All of our cosmetic products contain Java citronella. After all, nature knows best……


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