GUEST BLOG: Jo Wood - Entrepreneur

GUEST BLOG: Jo Wood - Entrepreneur - Less Mosquito


One of the positives to come out of the pandemic was that people had the time and opportunity to follow their passions and start the small businesses they had dreamt of doing for so long.

It is passion that drove me to start mine in 2005. But back then was a very different landscape both from the ability to sell online (remember those days before social media?) and the ease with which small businesses can now be set up.

I began in a bathroom. Unable to find well-crafted Organic beauty products and tired of using toxic brands stuffed full of chemicals, I made face oils by hand. I instantly fell in love with the process. At the time the world of organics was much smaller than it is now but I was convinced after seeing up close and personal it’s healing power that it would become mainstream. It simply, was obviously going to grow into the booming global industry it is today. Sourcing the essential oils and mixing formulations until just right, it wasn’t long before I was making products for friends and family and the bathroom turned into a production lab. A girlfriend of mine suggested I broaden out so I took the plunge and started the business. After hard work and a lot of learning I launched Jo Wood Organics in Harvey Nichols a few months later. Now, this business is still growing and I’m continuing to launch new products, still in love with the process and still driven to spread the organic word. So watch this space.

Converting a bathroom dream into a regulated retail product takes guidance. I would advise early on you take advice from people who you trust and who understand the ins and outs of industry, especially on the finance and regulations side. I was fortunate to have a profile that allowed me to accelerate but I truly believe that good products rise to the top and in this day and age with social media and the ease on online sales that process of marketing and sales is open to everyone. This allows all those who are convinced by the power of Organic and want a better earth to grasp their dreams and believe that dream will be converted into a business. Trust your passion and go for it!



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