Guest Blog by Lily Slydel: Fatal Fashion Faux-Pas

Apr 07, 20141ncogn1t0

With a spritz of fresh lemony zest onto my long auburn locks, I am ready to take on the world. One final application of my favorite this-season scent, a product set to be summer 2k14 absolute must-have, and I am smelling sweet, looking suave and completely safe from mosquitos. I have my Eau de incognito on, and I am ready to go.






This year, Britain’s dynamic weather has been the talk of the town, with the floods reeking havoc wherever they went. Sadly, destruction of landscape and many homes is not the end of our toils. As you well know, stagnant water is the perfect breeding ground for nasty biters such as the mozzie. Experts have warned that the lack of winter frost, combined with hot weather at the start of spring, could see a variety of tropical bugs thriving on UK shores. I, for one, am going to be prepared.


I am a true lover of fashion, I can spend hours shopping, or trawling the Internet for the latest styles and trends, and today I am going to let you in for a little insight into the wondrous realm of Mosquito fashion. Never heard of it? Let me walk you through a brief history…


In 2010, designer William Tempest created a mosquito-net dress for international superstar Kate Moss(quito) to promote malaria awareness. The frock sold for a pretty penny at auction, raising fantastic awareness for the charity and the creation of a gorgeous gown.




Amsterdam-based designer, Antoine Peters, is the creator of the ‘To make an elephant out of a mosquito’ range, a concept collection of clothing using the image of a mosquito as inspiration for a variety of dresses.  Then in late 2012, Matilda Ceesay, scientist and design student from Cornell University, set about creating a range of clothing designed to repel malarial mosquitoes, made from a variety of insecticide-treated netting. Whilst not the most practical line of apparel, the premise is fantastic and sheds light on the severity of the issue at hand and the volume of people affected by Malaria.


So for all you fellow fashionista’s out there; I understand that covering up can seem like a bore in the summer, but with record numbers of insects, this year it is more imporant than ever. So I’m going to talk you through my ‘mozzie-magnet do’s and don’ts’ to keep you all sexy, smelling sassy, and most importantly safe.  Although we may not have access to these high fashion alternatives, here’s what we can do to stay bite-free…


  1. 1.     Cover up!

One of the best ways to reduce your attractiveness to insects is to keep yourself covered up. We emit the greatest portion of our Kairomones (what makes us so damn tasty to insects) from our pulse points (the nape, inner elbow, behind our knees, ankles etc) so it is definitely beneficial to keep these points covered up! Whilst this helps reduce your visibility to mozzies, a determined mozzie can make it through even the thickest of jeans, so it is also very important to combine this fashion tip with incognito spray.


  1. 2.     Wear light clothing!

Luckily, the lighter color palette is always a favorite for the summer. This year, the pastels and neutral colors are what it’s all about. Whilst whites and creams are staples for our summer wardrobe, try a placid blue, one of this seasons hottest light, neutral colors, for a perfect alternative.


  1. 3.     Wear incognito!

Always carry a compact roll-on insect repellent; with a light and fresh scent, it fits perfectly in your handbag, an amazing replacement for your perfume! Get yours here

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