Mosquitoes during Covid-19

Mosquitoes during Covid-19 - Less Mosquito


Here in the UK we're in lockdown number 3 and we are starting to feel very hopeful that things will start to get back to some semblance of 'normality' soon. The days are getting longer, temperatures are slowly beginning to rise and the sun is even making a very welcome appearance!! This gorgeous combination has us daydreaming of summertime and starting to wonder where we might get to go this year (all going well!). Thinking of summer has also got us daydreaming about mosquitoes and how this pandemic has impacted them... lol

 You probably know this but mosquitoes have been on beautiful planet Earth wayyyyyy longer than humans (in fact about 120 million years) and have survived mass extinction events like the ice age. So, what's happening to them over these pandemics? Well it's highly likely that they've gone indoors for the winter, now that it's spring and the sun is out, mosquitoes will also start making an appearance and they will be hungry, so insect repellent is a must both in & outside; when allowed.

You may think it's easier to keep them, along with midges & other insects, under control but one of the impacts of lockdown is that we've all been spending much more time in our homes - are anyone else's carpets getting much more worn-out than usual? As we're all home so much more than normal, many of us don't want to put pesticides in our homes, so what's the alternative? It's good to think about 100% natural insect repellents as alternatives to synthetic pesticides like Deet based products. Because however effective DEET is as an insect repellent you don't want it on your food, on your countertops, spreading throughout your home.

As people venture outside more (personally, we can't wait!!) mosquitoes are going to follow them and there is likely to be a larger mosquito population due to the stagnant water over the past 12 months of lockdown. Mosquitoes are likely to be waking up and coming out in force so please remember to protect you and your loved ones with 100% natural insect repellents products such as incognito spray, roll-on, lotion and our gorgeously reformulated SPF30 suncream.

Please be aware of what you are putting on your skin, in your home, putting into the water system. Think of yourself, your loved ones and our beautiful home, planet Earth. Now, back to day dreaming about where we might get to this summer.... staycation or further afield.... who knows?! Fingers crossed we won’t need any mosquito bite relief wherever we go !!!


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