Scientific reports on incognito mosquito repellent

There are two scientific reports that show just how effective a mosquito repellent incognito is. Testing carried out by both Chemian Technology and the Insect Research and Development (IR&D Ltd.) have conclusively verified the efficacy of incognito’s active ingredient, Eucalyptus maculata citridora as an incredibly effective insect repellent.


Eucalyptus maculata citriodora is a viscous liquid containing the naturally sourced active compound p-Menthane 3.8-diol (PMD). This compound has been found to be the most effective natural insect repellent ingredient available and is distilled from the lemon eucalyptus plant. Given that this is a natural compound, it exceeds all expectations and offers an unprecedented level of protection without harming the user (unlike with comparably effective, synthetic repellents such as Deet) or their environment.


If we look at the Eucalyptus maculata citriodora report from Chemian Technology first, we can see that the application of Citrepel affords the user 100% protection in the short term. This is better than synthetic insect repellents. Not only does it show that in intensive, laboratory conditions, (i.e. conditions that are more intense and extreme to better emphasis the effects of the repellents,) incognito mosquito repellent is highly effective, but that in a free flying room test, a test more approximate to real conditions, incognito offered 100% protection.


The IR&D report focuses on the cage test, a test whereby volunteers expose their hands in a small cage to test the repellent’s efficacy. Again, this is done under very intense conditions designed to exaggerate bite rates to get better definition between efficacy ratings. The test results conclusively show that for the first three hours, incognito spray offers 100% protection. This is a clear indicator of the stopping power incognito spray has. Past the 3-hour mark, the efficacy does decrease slightly. However, incognito still offers substantial protection for hours later, even in intense lab conditions.


These two sets of results were carried out on different species of mosquito. The former report is based on results from the aggressive Anopheles gambiae mosquito of Africa that bites at night. This is of course the mosquito responsible for much of the world’s malaria. The latter experiment was done on Aedes aegyptii, the species that bites during the day and which is responsible for Dengue fever. incognito is effective against all species of mosquito, no matter where they come from and no matter the conditions or the time of day.


What these two reports show us is that in a full range of extensive tests, under the most intense conditions, incognito provides maximum protection for up to 5 hours. In terms of the real world environment, incognito mosquito repellent actually provides protection for up to 8 hours.


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