Silver surfers travelling further and longer than their children

12 Jul 2011
Green Communications Press Release: The 60-plus Gap Year has arrived with more mature travellers taking more exotic and longer travels than ever before, according to a survey by incognito which makes the leading natural insect repellent spray.

The survey of regular travellers who use incognito was commissioned to establish how social attitudes and attitudes towards travel have changed in the last 10 years.

Howard Carter, Managing Director of incognito, said: “Over the past couple of years we have noticed a real trend among the over-60s to take longer and more frequent holidays – and they are not just heading off to the UK’s sleepy seaside towns, they are striking out abroad to many exotic destinations.


“Nearly 60 per cent of these pensioners are taking an average of 2.7 trips abroad every year while their children are opting to stay at home and save money.”


The survey found that:

  • 59 per cent of the over-60s surveyed are taking nearly three holidays a year with
  • four per cent taking as many as seven holidays a year.
  • 70 per cent wanted longer holidays.
  • Over-60s are taking the most holidays, now travelling to more exotic locations than any previous generations of that age.
  • 99 per cent of respondents say they are more active than their parents and grandparents were at the same age.

The most popular destinations are Africa, India, South-East Asia, China and South America.


Mr Carter said: “The Baby Boomer generation clearly love their holidays abroad and are now competing with their grandchildren in opting to take gap years as they travel around the world. Clearly the ‘Grey Pound’ is very valuable to the travel industry as young families struggling in the economic downturn opt to stay at home.


“They have become the most sought-after tourists in the tourism industry, which up until recently were neglected by the professionals but smart travel agents nowadays are very serious about this age group and are trying to sell tour packages customised for them.”


The reasons that the older generations have come out of their shell is that they are self-reliant, independent and self-directed. They are confident about what they want and are web-savvy, silver surfing the internet for the best offers and advice.


Mr Carter said: “Crucially this is probably the last generation who will retire on full, index-linked pensions. Their children have left home, they are sitting on huge equity investment in their homes and they have cash to spend.”


Mr Carter said sales of incognito natural insect repellent have followed the trend with older travellers with many opting for a more environmentally-friendly alterative to DEET-based chemical repellents.


incognito insect repellent, which is effective against all species of mosquito and other insects, is the only insect repellent product authorised by UK trading standards as ‘clinically proven to protect against malaria’


Other products in the incognito range include hair and body wash and a luxury loofah soap which minimises kariomones which attract insects, citronella incense sticks which can be used both inside and outside and tick removers, which are also useful when out and about in the English countryside.


incognito products are available at Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, John Bell & Croyden, Planet Organic, Whole Foods, Trailfinders Travel Clinics, selected independent health shops or chemists or direct from their website The spray retails at £9.49 and the lemongrass and citronella soap at £5.

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