Nicaraguan Adventure – Guest Blog by Lizzy Greagg


Hello, my name is Lizzy Greagg. June 2013 saw me preparing for an unforgettable adventure to Nicaragua. I would be volunteering for 10 weeks with Raleigh International, as part of the government initiative to encourage young people to be active global citizens, as part of International Citizen Service. I was to live in a remote and largely unvisited community in the middle of the vast Nicaraguan grasslands, which cover so much of the country.


The area I was going to live in would require some heavy duty mosquito repellent. I was familiar with the toxic sounding Deet product but I was concerned both that it would not suit my sensitive skin and is not as environmentally friendly as I would like.  A family friend recommended the incognito brand and I can only speak positively of my experiences with them.


Unsure of what to expect, or where exactly I would be placed while in Nicaragua, I emailed the team at Incognito who promptly helped me put together a pack of essential products that would fit into my limited luggage allowance.  The items I took with me were:-




Hair & Body wash

impregnated mosquito net

Repellent sprays- usefully packaged in 100ml bottles, perfect for squeezing extra ones into hand luggage!


One of the things Raleigh volunteers are asked to make sure of is that the products used, maximise natural ingredients to avoid harming the environment. This was particularly important on my project with the main aim being to improve the contaminated watershed of the community. Incognito’s incredible ethical policy has not, like many other brands, cut corners to reap the benefits of buzzwords suggesting environmental friendliness. Among other things, the products are suitable for vegans; don’t use fertilisers; are produced using renewable energy; and the team even composts the remains of their lunch! As a result, I felt confident that I would not disrupt the delicate environment with my mosquito protection. It is clear the company has a true passion and commitment to a high level of ethical work practises.

Sunrise at San Marcos 2


Whilst I was in Nicaragua, the weather was often very hot and humid, perfect for energising the high activity of a range of insects, particularly mosquitos which can carry both Dengue and Malaria. However I suffered very few bites, the products were easy to use, and both my team-mates (who took to borrowing my repellent) and I enjoyed the citrus smell as opposed to the toxic smells of Deet products.  Incognito is definitely a brand I will turn to for mosquito protection, for what I hope, will be many more adventures abroad!


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